HELP! cant connect to internet wit ethernet!

i got 2 computers right now (computer a(main comp) computer b(my comp)

computer a can only get on thru the internet by using a usb cord from modem to computer(same as computer b)

now ive been trying to get computer a or b to get connected thru the ethernet cord from modem to computer.

and it wont work, computer a's ethernet port doesnt blink or flash a light when the ethernet cable is in. But computer b gets a flashing orange light on its port. both of my computers nics are 3com 10/100. I bought 3 cat6 patch cables and a linlkys router. But since i cant even get the ethernet to work y bother wit the router until i can make sure everything is connected right jus by goin thru modem. i dont know if my nics are bad or its my modem or cable. alsoboth of my nics for comp a and b are properly installed and enabled in device manager i even have automatically searce for ip and dns on the settings. plz help i dont know whats wrong i already shelled out like 100 dollars and i really want to shel out for 2 more nics if i really dont need it.

also on computer b(my friend gave it to me) it says it has a nic but when i looked onto the motherboard there was onoly a metal casing where the ethernet port is. Is this some type of smaller nic? also what is a ethernet controller? if you can help me plz! im goin crazy!
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  1. well have you been able to go online thru your modem using your ethernet connection? or are you using the usb connection to go online thru the modem? it might be that the ethernet port on the modem is not setup properly.or it might be that your nic card is not configured properly. :wink:
  2. ok i had some trouble trying to understand what your setup is but here is what you need.

    first take your router and plug both computers into it w the ethernet cable

    plug your cable modem (it is cable or DSL internet isnt it?) into the "WAN" spot on the router.. should be seperated from the other ethernet ports.

    configure your modem (read the user manual for this)

    and now you should be set up

    if not...

    unplug the modem from the router

    keep the 2 computers plugged in and turned on

    make sure the IP addresses are on auto configure

    ping one computer to the other to verify you have a connection (ipconfig /all gives you the IP of the computer)

    if the ping is bad then make sure you have no firewall stuff up

    if its good then you have an internal network and its a configuration problem in the modem or router.

    be patient.. networks are very frustrating and complicated. you dont seem to know too much about them so if you find yourself getting frustrated take a break and come back to it after a few min and generaly the problem seems a lot less complex. it doesnt look like any of your hardware is bad.. just some settings need to be configured. it is easyer if your working with 2 XP machines or atleast win2k and xp machines. good luck! email at for some further help. sry for the long post...
  3. I'm having the exact same problem in almost the same situation. Had a cable modem that I used to use with USB. Then I got another computer and decided to network them which means I had to hook up the cable with ethernet, which didn't work. I tried hooking up the cable modem directly to the computer with ethernet and it didn't work. I'm in windows XP. When I try to set up a new connection I use the windows wizard, so I click the connect to internet thingy, then to broadband connection that is always on. The final message I get from windows is that the connection should already be set up since it doesn't need a password and its always on. But it doesn't work. All the lights on the cable modem that should be on, are on so I know the connection is good. The ethernet cable also lights up when I hook it up to the network card, so thats good. I'm pretty sure its gotta be something with my settings, but I can't figure it out.... please help. Also, I hooked up the cable modem to the second computer, which is a laptop with the ethernet, and it did work. Please help, this sucks.
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