Need advice on upgrading system for gaming!!!

Need Advice!! I just read the following article on Tom's Hardware about upgrading to a budget gaming system:

Here's my current system:

- Intel 2.8ghz HT
- Asus P4P800-VM motherboard with Intel 865G chipset, AGP only and SATA up to 150gb/s
- 2x256 ddr3200 and 1x512mb ddr3200 ram for a total of 1 gig
- WD standart 40gb ata drive
- A Open GeForce 6200 256mb vido card

Can I upgrade my motherboard to a better chipset and PCIe without having to buy a new processor?
What basic value upgrade will make the biggest difference in gaming performace for me?

Thanks you in advance for your time and advice!!!

- Gunz
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  1. Video card would make best sense for you.

    We need to know your budget though.
  2. Thanks for responding!!

    My budget is 500.00 and less. I want to keep as much of my existing system as possible, but I realize that some things need to go such as the mother board that has no PCIe. What budget motherboard do you recommend that will be able to use my existing processor?
  3. There are few mobos that support your CPU and PCI-E, since your CPU is 478.

    MSI 915GM Speedster

    Only has two DDR RAM slots, so you won't be able to use all of the three RAM sticks you have.

    However, I would suggest a second hand 9800Pro or 9800XT video card, as it should be the cheapest/effective way to upgrade your current system.

    With the MSI mobo linked, you'll only get PCI-E, so I think it'll be better getting an AGP card instead, or just saving enough for a totally new system.
  4. i have to agree with prozac
    if you want to keep most of your current sys.

    then a video card and memory would be best

    EDIT; agp and pci-e with the same video card= not much
    or hardly no diff in gaming.
  5. If you really want to spend $500, get the msi,
    and a 7900 gs.

    You'll have a pc of pretty good power. Spending around $500-$550. You may need a new power supply though...
  6. plz do not buy anything more for us system, unless ur desperate upgrading ur current is a really bad idea, save up for a new dx10 system
  7. Could you explain what a dx10 sysetm is/will be and what the requirements for hardware to run it will be?

  8. Directx10 comes out in a few months.

    He'd hafta buy a new video card, a new mobo, probably new ram, and a new power supply.

    He'd be spending $1200 at least.

    It may be better to get something like this... Either that, or save up for awhile (sorry, don't know how much you make)
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