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First post here but have come to this forum for information many times and has been very helpful.

Im at the point where i feel i need to upgrade my current PC so i have been browsing whats new and reading reviews for a couple weeks now and i feel im about ready to pull the trigger on what i want.

Id just like to put it out here and see if it looks good to go or if theres any conflicts im not seeing. Id like to keep my Budget around $2,500. i only justify spending this much as its been years since my last purchase and i am on it so much i feel it wouldnt be wasted.

Only thing i have already purchased is a DELL 24" Monitor and Speakers

What i have picked so far

NEC DVD/CD Burner x 2

Gigabyte 3D Aurora

150G Raptor OS/Game/App drive

Seagate 320G Data Drive

X-Fi Sound Card

OCZ 700w PS

G5 Laser Mouse

Corsair 2G DDR2 800

Conroe E6700

ASUS P5W DH Deluxe

eVGA Geforce 7950GX2

Primary use for this computer will be HEAVY gaming at 1920x1200 and CD/DVD burning.

upgrading from a P4 2.4 , ATI 9800 , DFI PRO875 , and 1g mushkin DDR PC2700 in an antec case.

Thank you in advance for any help pointing out problems or conflicts.
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  1. If CD/DVD burning then maybe get two different drives, that way you have a better chance of reading a flawed disk and if there is a particular problem with one model or manufacturer then you can use the other one.
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