The G-man

Is there a reason why he talks like the g-man from half life?
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  1. Do you know why the g-man talks like the g-man? The g-man first talked in the maveric half-life 'expansion' which was third party, and thus made in some dude's room at home. Now if you have a mic and some headphones go into the windows microphone config, now try the voice tests. The first test has no playback so get to the second one. Read what they have written there out loud into the mic, you will be surprised what happens... It messes with your head but it is quite cool.
  2. I've gotta be honest with you, he spends far too much time talking about the box and visual appearance of the items he reviews and not enough time actually showing them in use. Plus his opinions always seem to be it kicks ass, he should really rate them as percentages and value. E.g. the fang gamepad may well be good but it's like 50 quid for wasd.
  3. Yup and it's big fat and extremely ugly. I was looking at one online and t looked cool so the next time i saw it i was surprised at how crap it looks. It really is UGLY.
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