OCZ Platinum PC2-4200 R2

Hi, i am thinking of buying this ram for C2D build with either a DS3, P5B or the DFI Infinty 975x. I can get corsair pc6400 or gskill pc4200, from what ive been reading 533mhz is better for no overclock and the OCZ has good timing.

Wondering what people think of this ram and which of these boards it will be compatible with. I won't be overclocking so i don't care which board i get as long as i get the right combination of motherboard/ram for least troubles.

Link: http://pcmaniacs.com.au/product_info.php?cPath=39_49&products_id=225


For some reason the search funtion in't working for me atm, i searched earlier but found little results.
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  1. You should take a look at the OCZ site, and check those specifications with them.

    What first caught my attention was the description: PC2-4200 Platinum Series.

    The only 4200 Platinum modules OCZ has are DDR(1) not DDR2. Also I have not seen Platinum modules with those advertised timings (3-2-2) at any speed, whether they’re DDR or DDR2.
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