I plan on purchasing a DELL XPS M140.

It says it has an Express Card Slot. Does this mean it's for PCMCIA? I tried searchin around on the Dell Forums and a few other people asked this question but got no answers. I even looked on newegg at other cards to see if the reviews said they used with a xps system but no luck


Im looking for a Card that allows you to attach a antenna onto it. Alot of websites i read recommend this. Orinoco GOLD card.

I can't really find a normal retailer to order from. Im basically looking for something nice on newegg, that i can attach an Antenna 2 and also price isn't an option.
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  1. http://www.expresscard.org/web/site/qa.jsp

    As to the antenna question. It doesn't say but I assume the slot will be internal and should have it's own antenna. As an internal part trying to get an external antenna on it would be pretty tacky, if possible.
  2. ok.

    well the Orinoco GOLD card everyone is talking about is a PCMCIA card and has an input to hook up a pigtail connection for an extended omni directional antenna.

    I was just wondering on any other models that allow this. cause this card is rather expensive and i don't like using ebay.
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