could someone help me please, building new computer for 3D

hello everybody

i'm a graphic design student at the art academy and i would like to get a new computer...ive been saving up for quite a long time so i'm hoping to get the best bang for my buck . first my budget is around 1450Euro's

the computer is in no way for gaming , most of the time it will be used for graphic design and 3D , i use programs such as , photoshop CS, illustrator CS , indesign , and the 3D progr i will be using are lightwave3D , modo and Zbrush.

also i'm not thinking about overclocking simply because i wouldn't have anny idea how to do it nor do i know enuff about what it actually is.

here's what i got so far

-antec sonata II 450W (114,00 euro)
-nec 4571 16x black dvd-RW labelflash technologie (39,90 euro)
-corsair twinx DDR2 2048MB pc6400 XMS (2x1024MB) (225,00 euro)
-ASUS EN7600GT/2DHT 256MB PCI-express 7600GT (189,00 euro)
-western digital 250GB-ks 16MB SATA300 7200RPM (83,95 euro)
-MSI 975X Platinum Powerup Edition Intel 975X Sock...
-INTEL CORE 2 DUO E6600 2,40 socket 775 (335,00 euro)

some people told me i shouldn't go with the MSI board and get an ASUS one instead.

also someone told me to go for a 500W powersuply .

i'm hoping some of you guys could point me out where i could improve this system ..whats good and whats not about the set up i had in mind.

thank you in advance
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  1. Quote:
    some people told me i shouldn't go with the MSI board and get an ASUS one instead.

    Someone told your right.
  2. Quote:
    hello everybody

    -antec sonata II 450W (114,00 euro)

    -ASUS EN7600GT/2DHT 256MB PCI-express 7600GT (189,00 euro)

    also someone told me to go for a 500W powersuply .

    I didn't bother running a PS calculator on your spec but I'd wager that a solid 450 watt PS will do the job as long as it has adequate +12V current capacity. The Smartpower unit that is included with the Sonata II has the goods - on paper at least. From what I've read, that is one of the least durable Antec power supplies. I've had two Antec power supplies die on me, one catastropically (killed mobo, CPU, GPU) so I personally would look elsewhere. The mushkin 550 is overkill but is an excellent unit. Not sure if it's available where you live.

    Will that GPU get the job done for you?
  3. thanks for the reply guys

    i was thinking besides going for ASUS are there other recomandable motherboards out there ..(intel...)

    i read that the " intel 975xbx badaxe" would be the most stable and best for the conroe cpu

    quote: intel 975xbx badaxe It's the most stable out of the current crop of available boards, mainly because it was used for the development of conroe...

    the other case i had in mind instead of the antec sonata is the

    antec p180B black performance case (135euro) than i would also need to buy a power suply (500W) i'm afraid the mushkin550 is not available

    here's the list of power suply's i can choose from (its from the cheapest and biggest computer store in belgium (so they say) ..what power suply would you recomand out of all these?

    there is this "OCZ ModStream 520 Watt EZMod Power Supply" that coasts around 105Euro ...ofcourse i need to stay within my budget .

    also what do you guys think about the video card & choice of memory
  4. Quote:

    there is this "OCZ ModStream 520 Watt EZMod Power Supply" that coasts around 105Euro ...ofcourse i need to stay within my budget .

    Of those, I'd choose the OCZ Gamextreme 600. Pricey, but very solid and stable.
  5. As you mentioned lightwave 3D , I would look for a 6800 ultra card and using rivar turner to turn it into quadro card. This will improve your rending power and be much better than the 7600 card ... Antec PS are ok , but 500W or more would be advisable for future upgrades... I would also add a second HD to use as scratch drive for photoshop use as 2GB of ram will also require more space for scratching and a second HD will speed it up ...
    I would say that asus and msi are very similar... I would go for asus but more important than manufacturer is choosing the right chipset... 975 will be more stable...
  6. I would look for a Quadro myself - It doesn't have to be a new one, but at least look for something that can handle what you want. A GPU more designed for gaming rather than rendering might not be your best choice.

    Or are you looking to game a lil bit, but refuse to admit it? ;)
  7. hi

    @chenbrazil, ...i can't quite follow with what you are saying (sorry i don't know much about the technical part of computers)what do you mean with saying..

    "I would look for a 6800 ultra card and using rivar turner to turn it into quadro card."

    what 6800ultra card do you mean? and what is a "rivar turner"?

    is the card i had in mind more specific for gamers?
  8. Yes - the card you specified is more towards gamers.

    The Riva tuner is a free piece of software that allows you to tweak the settings of the Nvidia-based video cards.
  9. witch one of these cards would you people recomand for me (thats all the graphic cards that store has )

    card can not be more expensive than 180euro's

    sorry to ask so much but i don't know who else i should ask...and since every computer store is telling me a different story on whats best for me :? ...
  10. I'm currently an AMD guy, so somebody who's done their conroe research please comment.

    You might be able to save some coin by looking at some DDR2-667. If I recall correctly you won't see a huge difference.

    Could free up some cash for another HD, or different video.

    Just a thought.
  11. ersonally, I'd just get the Quadro card (Not one of those super high end ones that cost over $500 though) Any mid range one will do you good, I don't know if a GeForce converted to Quadro via Riva Tuner will be better or not, but I'd just go for the Quadro...
  12. i just discovered this crazy thing that destroyed my idea to buy the set up i had in mind ...

    i was planning on going for the "-corsair twinx DDR2 2048MB pc6400 XMS (2x1024MB) (225,00 euro) " now on checking the price list on the computerstore website the price for that exact same memory is now "335Euro's) 8O , thats 110Euro more in just a few days ...i called the computer store to ask if the pricing on their website was correct and they said yes ..the prices for memory went up..with 110Euro's.

    so now i dont know what to do and what memory to get ..i just dont have 110Euro's extra to pay for the memory what memory should i get now

    here's the memory they have in that store ...what memory is just as good as the corsair pc6400 i had in mind ..can't coast more than around 200Euro's (that was the initial price for the corsair)

    ps the guy at the store told me to go for OZC but i don't really know witch one and if they are anny good.
  13. OCZ offer decent memory, comparable to Corsair. They need higher voltage, but most high-end mobos can handle them...

    PSU wise, 450W should be fine for now, since it also comes with your case its free, and stick with it. If you need a better one in the future, than get it, but otherwise free is good, and Antec PSU's work decently well, not the best, but alright.
  14. what ocz memory would you guys recomand?
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