Ugh, what to do, upgrade?

:cry: I got a agp 2.0 4X mobo. I m entering poor college student days of my life, so my ambitious plans for a new pc within the next year are out. I had the 2407 dell FP with some mid to high end direct X 10 card, 4 gigs of ram planned to get the most out of high end version of vista and to satisfy my hi-res gaming fix. anywho i figure directx 10 cards and monitor as well as the rest of the computer is going to have to wait another year its going to be crazy expensive at launch. I just wanna kno if i should just wait it out (a year) or buy a agp card even though even though i have ancient tech. Theres some pretty cool titles comming out soon and i would love to play em with eye candy turned up and decent framerates. (BF 2142, WH40k:DOW:DC. UFO, Company of Heroes C&C 3 eventually)
and i m wondering if you have any suggestions.

To keep costs down Gddr2 will do, SM 3 (if that exists with gddr2), 512 mb ram and can run on AGP. 300 is as high as i will go, but 200 would b the sweet spot.

Another thing will a gddr 3 256 mb card (7800 gs or so) really be that big of a performance boost than an 512mb gddr2? (on zip zoomfly they have a couple) or am i missing something about videos card performance. btw ill still b using a 17in crt. This card should b able to get me through the next year maybe year and a half

Your insights would b appreciated.
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  1. Toss some more details in there if you could CPU/RAM/Exact motherboard type

    with the way "some" prices are for slightly older tech your best bet for the aprox $200 limit might include a mobo and vid card purchase (AGP 4x might be a huge downer for this prospected purchase)

    keep in mind though to much eye candy in alot of games can cripple some high end cards - you can play a game with moderate settings with a moderate computer and still be totally happy with the game play and looks
  2. Right now i have a 2.8 p4 no hyper threading, a gig of ram, x-fi platinum sound card, and a GeForce 4 Ti 64mb. The new PC im going to biuildwould be new from the ground up. Dual Pci-e X16, sata 2, gigabit ethernet, 24 inch monitor, not gonna do quadcore prolly either a AMD X2 5200+ (depends on price) or just go with a conroe e6600 or if i can afford it e6700. But money is tight and with vista and direct x 10 its going to be awhiel b4 they come down low enough for me to get them so im just going to upgrade my old pc in order so i could play something recent with decent eye candy.

    I want a graphics to play games that arent 3 years old. i was thinking 512mb ddr2 since it would give me longevity and its cheaper. but if a gddr3 256 graphics card would give me more performance i would go with that.

    Details would be turned up medium high to high and maybe 4X antialiasing, something that could handle that in games for the year or two to come.
  3. I would say X800 GTO for the ATI side of things
    has 12pixel pipelines and 256bit memory interface
    cost at Newegg (APROX) $150 or less
    perhaps you could find an X800 XT somewhere, it has 16 pixel pipelines

    or a 7800GS if you prefer NVIDIA and have the extra cash to spend
    has 16 pixel pipelines and 256bit memory interface as well
    Heaftier price tag though - you would be getting awful close to your $300 limit
    the 6800GS can be had for alot less ($170ish), which has 12 pixel pipelines
    but i think the X800 GTO is the better buy there

    (some one might disagree with me but i do believe any of these cards will run alot of todays games at good resolutions and with some eye candy turned on, so long as you dont get to crazy with detail settings)

    my $0.02
  4. Thanks man appreciate it
  5. what about the 7600 gs? Its a little cheaper but is it worth the performance sacrafice?
  6. Go for the 7600GT. It can be found for around $175. Best bang for the AGP buck.
  7. The 7800 GS is way overpriced. The 7600 GT performs similarly at stock clocks, and it's only $175 or so. Your best bet for sure.

    If you want to save some cash, an X800 GTO will perform very well, for about $125 or so.
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