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I am curious as to if there is any noticable difference, whether negative or positive when playing games with a flatpanel LCD monitor...I'm interested in a 19.1" ViewSonic one...

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  1. I wouldn't recommend it. I was in a computer store the last weekend and I saw Men In Black on a new Sony LCD - and the delay was horrible... You'll see the same thing in gaming.

    Right now, you can get a great 19' for around 400 bones - since it's the eyes to your computer, quality should be paramount... IMHO
  2. Um, dude, sony LCD have pretty high response times. Dinox, what I suggest is that u take a look at the VG191 before purchasing. Budd here has a freind who owns it, and they did a little test for me, and it appears that it should work fine. It's really subjective, but it should be fine.

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  3. Yeah, I can vouch for its performance. We watched a few South Park episodes on it, "The One" DVD (with Jet Lee), and played a few games on it. I didn't see anything that upset me, that's for sure, but like Flame said, you gotta see it for yourself.

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  4. I've got the Compaq TFT7020 17.1 inch LCD monitor and when I first got it I thought it was great for games and everything else, but after using it for a long time it just can't handle First Person shooter games very well. Its fine for strategy games though. It also performs excelently for any 2D work, like desktop and standard programs I'm just not happy with its gaming performance. Granted it aparently has a 40ms response time so something with 25-30ms should be better. Thats just my experience though, I LOVE my monitor for everything besides games, sad thing is I purchased this LCD because of its supposed low response time, and ease of taking it to lan parties, and I might end up using my big bulky 19 inch CRT for gaming again.

    If my response is brief and vague its because the info you provided is too!
  5. I ran a video on a TFT7020 that was 25fps, and it was really good looking, no ghosting, but that is expected, as 40ms rt should be able to display 25fps. For games though, it not too great b/c textures aren't very sharp. Hey Oni, if u don't like it for games, why not contact Compaq, explain that they were misleading, and u want your money back, else u'll report them to the BBB? I have emails where I asked tech suppport to verify that the total response time was 25 ms, and they said yeah. Hell, I even got an email like taht for the TFT5030!

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  6. I watched DVD on my sgi 1600SW. It is great. Did not have any problem with delay.
  7. Thing is w/ a movie u watch the entire screen, and don't focus on a point, and are therefore less likely to notice ghosting, and when it comes to tv's, flickering.

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  8. heh, I would really like to but I'd probably have to pay to ship it back, and on top of that I love the screen for everything except First Person games. Gaming isn't THAT bad, but when I feel like going all out and winning tournaments at lan parties I feel like I"m limited by the screen. Maybe a nice flat screen 19-21 inch crt is in my future, but I sure like having the nice, light LCD when I go to lan.
    Oh well I'll think long and hard about what I should do.

    If my response is brief and vague its because the info you provided is too!
  9. If first person game/winning is what you feel is important, then don't worry about ghost/image detail!

    those guy that play tour use very min visual detail setting/low resolution to squeeze every fps out of the game! I don't think visual/ghost matter to them a bit when all they care about is speed and kill!
  10. will that FFD improve the LCD and GAMING...

    What actual happens with playing a game on LCD, i've never scene a game played, so i don't why Lcd's are that bad for Games, What is the actual Downfall for the LCD when playing a Game...????

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  11. What happens is that you move around, but w/ a high response time, the LCD won't be able to change the pixel's color fast enough, so what ends up happening is
    a) Things may appear translucent/ transparent depending upon speed
    b) the object may still appear to be there, and this will cause fuzziness and a blur
    FFD will help w/ gaming tremendously b/c what happens is that when you switch from a shade from a color to say a gray, which isn't exactly white or black, a lesser current must be applied, and this the response time rises quite a bit. In the worst case actually, it can take 54 seconds to rise on an LCD rated 25ms total black to white and white to black!! What FFD does is it sends the same strength current as it would if it were going from white to black, but stops it halfway, or however much to get the necessary shade of gray. Therefore, the 25ms on teh lcd would be worst case scenario.

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  12. I got ya there BACON!! thanks a bunch! you should be a master at this since you are doing a report on this!

    How long is the wait for the FFD, January~

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  13. Hehe, well, it was supposed to be out 2002, but it's being pushed back, so I assume late 2002, early 2003. Hmm, how about Flamethrown Bacon? How does that sound. Hehe.

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