Win2k + Need For Speed 5 issue.

i FINALLY got need for speed 5 porsche to work on my system.

Previously it always locked up at the splash screen and overflowed all my physical memory & swap file.

i got around it by limiting my min & max swapfile to 4mb.
system ram is 512mb.

problem is, if i try to do much else at these settings i get the beloved "out of memory" errors & program termination.
is their any workaroud this problem where i can stipulate that this program alone only uses a minimum swap file size & everything else uses a decent size?

i havent done too much experimenting but i suspect even 64mb swapfile is too much for the game :(

thanx in advance
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  1. !!!PING!!!

    cumon... where are all the smart people?
    how can i avoid changing my memory settings each time i want the need for speed?

    "i love the smell of Overclocking in the morning!" Says my Hamster.
  2. Ehh, I don't think smart people would do some hint without knowing what your system, video card, drivers are.
  3. you cant set the swap file for only certain programs. i was thinking that maybe you could do it by setting up different hardware profiles for different users, but no, it wont work. tried it......

    I think we'll have to try to fix your situation by understanding why your virtual memory is causing these problems. are you using multiple hard disks? multiple partitions?

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  4. i dont really se how that would help much... *sighs* but anyways, here's my info:
    athlon 1200C OC to 1350 @ 150FSB.
    a7v133 mobo
    2 x 256Mb PC150 Kingmax SDRAM (running at 150Mhz cas 2,2,2)
    Leadtek winfast GeForce 2 Pro (32Mb)
    soundblaster live player
    netcom 56k internal modem.

    thats all i can think of... i have tried running with 128mb of swapfile, but no joy there :(

    Primary master 40gig IBM 60GXP (6gig system partition, 34gig games/stuff)
    Primary slave 16.8Gig IBM 16.8GP (1 partition, mp3's/porn)
    secondary master sony 52x CD-ROM
    secondary slave Ricoh 12x10x32x 7125A CD-RW

    Windows 2000 Pro
    service pack 2
    no 3rd party memory manager programs loaded
    Directx 8.1
    via 4in1's ver 4.32
    via AGP patch
    Nvidia detonator drivers 14.20 (yes, the 14.20's are out, and no, it makes no difference using the official 12.41's)
    swap file C:\ size 512mb - 1024mb

    "i love the smell of Overclocking in the morning!" Says my Hamster.
  5. yes to both.
    40 gig drive, primary master. 6gig C: system & programs. (swap file location)
    34gig D: games & stuff
    16.8gig primary slave for music & porn

    note: i did try nfs5 earlier when i just had the two drives unpartitioned. no joy.
    512mb mem with the swap file typically set to 512-1024 C:\

    tonight i will set my swap file to 4-4mb then increase it till my game starts crashing, so then i will know when the limit lies.

    "i love the smell of Overclocking in the morning!" Says my Hamster.
  6. I could never get Need for Speed II or High Stakes to work in Windows 2000... Sorry, not smart enough.
  7. really? hmmms.
    a little while ago i saw NFS 1 SE in a bargain bin at the comp store.
    i got it for 5 bucks or something ($ australian).
    it ran perfectly fine on my machine.
    maybe i will try my other versions i have...
    ive got:
    1 SE
    2 SE
    3 (think its SE)
    4 (australian edition)
    5 porsche

    "i love the smell of Overclocking in the morning!" Says my Hamster.
  8. while you are experimenting with the swap file, i would try moving it to the D: drive. How much free space do you have on the c: and D: drives? good luck and let us know what happens......

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  9. problem sovd!
    (and im getting ogood at solving them too!)

    quite a simple fix too.
    before when i said it didnt like a big swap file i was actually only partially correct.
    what it REALLY doesnt like is a big difference between minimum and maximum swap file size.
    4 - 128 mb doesnt work, yet
    128 - 128 or 256 - 256 mb DOES.
    very wierd. guess NFS5 cand handle the way win2k does its swapfile.

    "i love the smell of Overclocking in the morning!" Says my Hamster.
  10. glad to hear it amigo. happy driving..........

    ignore everything i say
  11. wow..

    i also have the same problem. Even though you have found a fix to ur prob, i thought i'd add my 2c.

    I used to be able to play porsche on w2k no probs. Then i formatted, and have never got it to work in w2k again. I thought it was sp2 (thats when this started happening), but it wasn't. Then i reinstalled w2k again and set it up how i had it before, but it didn't work. I don't know how it worked in the first place. So i hope setting the swap file works for me too, coz i hate having to switch to winme just to play NFS.
  12. kk. let me know how u go.
    remember to enable alternate fog table emulation,
    and start small with your swapfile size.

    P.S. my version of NFS5 would crash randomly once in a while with looping sound. did u ever see that? (never able to fix it)

    "i love the smell of Overclocking in the morning!" Says my Hamster.
  13. with the ram, i've also got 512mb, so i'll go with what you set.
    alternate fog table emulation? a game setting i presume?

    yeah, i get that crash every now and then aswell. only once in a while though. Probably a few bugs left in the game.
  14. Hehe!

    I am playing it on win 98, and I got that crash once as well, it was on some part of evolution, I started driving, and 10 seconds into it, the game froze with looping sound.

    "He who laughs last doesn't get the joke"
  15. if you happen to read the box for the game, it clearly states "NT AND 2000 NOT SUPPORTED".
  16. hey, just cause its not supported doesnt mean it wont run. hell, we're all overclockers and hackers here, amigo (well, most). when they put that stuff on the box its like saying 'go ahead, i bet you cant make it run on 2000!'.....

    ignore everything i say
  17. erm...
    ""look on the game box""

    thats making the BIG assumption that ive got the original box... or cd...


    mr warez :)
    anyhow. it runs beautifuly now. only crashes rarely.

    "i love the smell of Overclocking in the morning!" Says my Hamster.
  18. alternate fog table emulation:
    start -> settings -> control pannel -> display -> settings -> advanced
    somewhere in there under direct3d settings is fog table emulation.
    with out it half the tracks dont work.
    took me considerable time fiddling with my direct3d settings to pin that problem down :)

    oooh wow... i just purchaced the hoonful 356b 1600 super 90 coupe!
    oh the speed lol

    "i love the smell of Overclocking in the morning!" Says my Hamster.
  19. yep, i got the game running under w2k =D
    that swapfile fix did the trick.

    however, i the biggest swapfile size i could run it at was around 350mb. It couldn't hack 384mb.
    I had a quick look and i don't think you actually mentioned what you got it up to before the game started crashing.

    but the thing that still intrigues me is that before i formatted, it worked fine, and after that, no matter what i did, how many times i reinstalled windows, it still wouldn't run. bizarre.
  20. interesting...

    cauz i do a fair bit of messing with big wav files i kinda wanted mine large.

    ive tried up to 768 - 768 and it worked ok...
    most of the time.
    once it didnt work for some reason... a reboot and it worked fine.
    your correct. very strange.

    then again, my win2k system is VERY touchy as to what detonators i use.
    6.6.6 = slow and jerky with almost all d3d games 1100 in 3dmark (should be 4300)
    6.6.7 = not much better
    7.7.6 = okay-ish
    7.9.7 = pretty good
    12.41 = best for games ive found, but cannot add the overclocking tool :(
    12.60 = very flakey
    14.20 = highly flakey

    so i think either 12.41's or 7.97 are best.

    "i love the smell of Overclocking in the morning!" Says my Hamster.
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