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I am trying to connect my printer HP Deskjet 1280 to my new laptop - Windows 7 64bit and have also have 32 bit. I have used the disk that was supplied with the printer, but no luck and when I go to the HP website, they tell me the driver is automatically installed, yet a message on my laptop says the Deskjet 1280 doesn't have a drive.
Please help if you can.

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  1. is it power on when you plugged it in?
  2. 1. Go to Devices and printers on the Start Menu
    2. Click in the button Add printer (in the tool bar)
    3. Click on Add Local Printer, in the new window.
    4. Use the settings: "Use an existing port: LPT1: (Printer Port)". And click on the Next button.
    5. Choose the Manufacter: HP and printer: HP Deskjet 1280. After that click on Next.
    6. Now that you have the printer added, go to the Devices and Printers window, that you opened in the 1. and click with the right button in the printer that've added and click on Printer Properties.
    7. Go to the Ports tab.
    8. Select the port USB001 and click OK.
    9. Connect and use the printer!!

    Now use window supdate and it "should" update the drivers
  3. uninstall all hp related software and drivers, go into device manager and delete the hp printer related devices there, unplug the printer then make sure your on the internet and plug it back in
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