TvTuner Card Question?

I have a question about a TVTuner Card thats on-sale at bestbuy at the moment if it'll be a fairly good TVTuner Card.

Thanks for any comments or suggestions.
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  1. Howdy...I tried a lot of the Cards on the market and the best one I've found was (6 months ago) the "ATI Wonder Elite". It looks as good as a real TV on either CRT or LCD and comes with a remote. I paid $89 I think for NewEgg.
  2. All I can say is "do your research"...I card I have was the "Top Rated Card" in every review I found. Cheers BTY...I started working on computers in 1986 and have repaired over 1000 systems and have personaly built over 100 custom system.
  3. hello
    i personaly use the pinnacle card for over 4-5years i works as the firts day i installed.
    so i recomand you buy an pinnacle card.
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