Upgrading Motherboard and CPU

I want to upgrade my current computer with a new Motherboard and CPU.
I am running Windows XP.
What do I have to re-install (programs, XP, etc) ????
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  1. Usually with new hardware such as a MB and CPU you typically have to reinstall atleast Windows. But in most cases all that really needs to happen is just update the boot record with the new hardware installed. Just doing a "dirty install" or a repair of Windows XP will usually be the fix. This will allow you to update everything and then keep all your old programs.

    *My Opinion*

    Typically whenever i install new components I will do a full reinstall of Windows just so that i have a sense of security incase something fails. With an old copy of an OS installed, with that, comes all the virii and spam that was on there before. Also its been proven that extended use of an OS usually leads to corruption at some point or another. So for example if you install something new and one of the components is dead you cant really be sure if its a corrupted OS or not...

    So if there is something you cant stand to lose then perhaps zip it up and toss it on a CD-RW. When you format your hardrives chose the fast format. Too many long formats can sometimes burn out your disks prematurely. So i would recommend a fresh install, besides, what could it hurt? 30 minutes out of your day for a little peace of mind seems reasonable.
  2. Please understand that I want to just replace the MB and CPU. I will use my current memory 333ghz which is compatible, my current hard drive which is clean from virus, adware, spyware, etc. and all other hardware, optical drives, etc are compatible with MB.
    I have also been told that I would only have to install the Drivers that came with MB.
    Anything else you can think of???
  3. There are no other drivers that really have a whole lot to do with a motherboard. There are the INF Chipset drivers but i have had plenty of motherboards function just fine without loading them.

    If your heart is set on keeping everything then install the new hardware and see if it works. If nothing works or it stops just after it POST's then you will have to do what i said above.
  4. Thanks for your help.
  5. Windows do use CPU mark to recognize the system which was installed. Changing sole the CPU will make impossible to boot the windows unless you replace with exact CPU. Sometimes when install a new CPU , you can recover windows install using original install CD and key , but most of times, it did not recover the system and a new install should be done (even losing the serial installed, so call microsoft before doing that if necessary). My advise, install a new HD with new OS , and use the original HD as second HD or copy all the files in a backup disk or put the HD in a storage enclosure to trasfer the files, recover is something very hard to do and depending on your changes (intel to AMD or vice-versa) it will be impossible...
  6. We(I) have reused/reinstalled Windows XP a second/third time onto a new hard drive with no problems. I have never used Microsoft for any tech help except for the Knowlege base. So, losing the Windows ID# is not important.
    I just want to upgrade to a more powerful MB and CPU and to also re-use all current computer components as ASUS says they are compatible.
    I am just trying to re-use my current hard drive also as it is a pain to reload all the Games, Programs, etc.
    Microsoft Knowlege Base has instructions for replacing Motherboard but it is conflicting with most of the help I have gotten here.
  7. Unfortunately, i dont think Microsoft looks to hard into what they say at times. Of course i can read stuff and believe it but i think experience speaks a lot louder than words.

    I have done what you are looking to do many many many times and I have tried what you are about to try many many many times. But sadly, I have always found one reason or another where i had to start from scratch and reload everything. To turn your OS hd into a storage you will have to format it to be a mass storage device. Sometimes the OS will lock down the hard disk making data inaccessible unless loaded use the OS. This is of course if you install that data (such as games) using the OS thats on it.

    This is few and far between but it happens. The only thing you can do is try but i have a feeling you will find that it may not work as you plan.

    Good luck though!
  8. Thanks to all who have replied.
    I am putting this on hold for now; as I don't want the hassle of reprogramming/reinstalling everything on the hard drive.
  9. Heed the words of grimmysnr & chenBrazil for they read from the gospel of experience and truth, ignore and burn in the BSOD of damnation.
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