The Best optical mouse for comfortable surfing experience

hello everyone thanx for the help
please tell me which A4tech wired optical mouse is best for me

i am no gamer at all , but I extensively use the browser for like 15-20 hours its painful and unhealthy

I need comfotability customizability to change movement speeds and precision is appreciated but obviously
all the new pieces out there will satisfy my precision needs ,right?

and please don't recommend logitech or microsoft both are either non available over here or unreasonably expensive

i visited the A4tech site they ve got dozens of mice i can not figure out what will suit my needs
they have a series for gamers and a series for Glaser and so on , that's why i am here now
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  1. thank you mpilch
    I take tours in local stores and write down what i see then come here to try to
    make decisions , but trying the feel of the input device is hard to do away from
    your room / your desktop with the kb drawer/ your computer and finally your chair
    i am desparate , is it just me or the internet offer more information than we can handle which ends up more confusing than useful
    surfing and using normal windows applications doesn't need much but i like to do it the best way possible being not a gamer doesn't mean i am not an enthusiast , i am addicted to pcs

    so bottom line here is that i don wanna pay for gaming mouse features i dont need but i will pay if it will work good for me
    the wheel roughness/smoothness / speed / acceleration / good finishing and manufacturing they all sum up
    and a bad mouse will feel bad even if you adjust it by software
    thanks again
  2. Your question is very very personal. That is, its very specific to each person. Your hand may be smaller than mine, so my level of comfort is alot different than yours.

    I agree w/ the above responder in that you have to go to the store and try them out. Cuz there's no real way for us to recommend one over the other... We're not you!

    Personally I use a logitech 510MX at home. I'm happy with it and I use it to play warcraft 3, which is a game that needs precision w/ the mouse as well as speed.
  3. for comfort, i would suggest the microsoft wirelesss comfort combo with the wireless 6000 mouse, the batt life is months and all u need is to buy a gel wrist rest mouse pad

    theres a bunch of multimedia features as well on the kb
  4. well if u can get that, get it, its really comfortable to use, although i dont use it currently since i hav a gaming kb and mouse
  5. okay people
    i think i can be more specific now and ask the right question
    A4tech makes very cheap mouses which gave me a bad impression
    then i saw very expesive ones targeted at gamers

    now what A4tech mouse can i choose and that will be a descent product well manufactured ,designed and finished like MS and logitech
    regarding that i dont need extreme gaming cutting edge features ???

    thack you all
  6. wats ur budget for this stuf, im looking at the A4tech website, and do u want a kb and mouse?
  7. yes a KB and mouse
    but the mouse is the harder to choose from
    i can spend 15 -17 $

    what about "atlantis land" wave optical mouse ? its unheard of but looks beautiful , thier site is neat too

    damn its beautiful i am afraid to lose my mind and buy it just for the look

    saitek has got powerful reviews too
    i already found the atlantis in the store the other saitek i am not sure about but i saw thier speakers and joy stick so its more likely that thier products are being sold here i guess
  8. saitek kbs are the best for gaming imo, perfectly flat, etc. but i prefer the eclipse 1, anyways that mouse u mentioned is fine, looks alright as well
  9. Im using these atm, Razer Copperhead Tempest Blue 2000dpi High Precision Gaming Mouse, and Enermax Aurora Brushed Aluminium Keyboard.

    I have always hated optical mice, but this mouse is the best mouse I have ever used. The reponse is fluid and the mouse glides beautifully. Also the ability to increase or decrease the rate the pointer moves while you use the mouse 'on the fly' is something that is actually far more useful and experiance enhancing than I had previously imagined.

    I would highly recommend this mouse. Worth every penny of the £40 it cost me.

    The keyboard im using also extremelly pleasent to use. It is ultra thin, forms an almost perfect hand slope from the front to the back, with minimal distance between the front edge and the desk. The slope means you dont really notice the gap at all. Keys are fast and responsive, thin and only require a slight press to use.

    This is a pretty expensive keyboard and mouse combination, that doesnt offer email buttons or media buttons, or hotkeys on the keyboard. But for sheer comfort and ease and enjoyment of using while surfing or gaming, I could not be more pleased with them.
  10. razer always gets great reviews but its not available here
    so i picked up the A4tech double wheel the wheel is really good no bad surprises , but the grip is a lil different maybe because its symmetric my old one microsoft intellimouse was assymetric like all older mice i think sym. is not a bad thing and that i can get used to it soon i hope
    also the click makes a loud sound and needs more push , am I lost ?? i dunno
    its was like around 12 $ ,
    i also found the logitech bundle for 50 $ damn this i bought thier X-230
    today for the exact same price speakers are more joy that input anyway
    thank you all
  11. eventhorizen i use the diamondbak blue from razer
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