Problems with instalation of win7 and winxp

I have sabertooth p67 with E bios

ok first of all when i go to install winxp - i have the recovery disk that dosnt need key - that do complete erase of the hard drive-
i get BSOD

second when i burn an original image of win7 64bit that i got from MSDN(MSDN Academic Alliance: Online Software System) from ny uni it does just not boot - i use imgburn - nero , the burn function that windows 7 32bit i have and nothing - is there a way to burn them so they boot - i use verbatin

Thanks for the advice
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  1. The first issue sounds like either a hardware problem or using recovery disks that were meant for another system (they include drivers specific to the system with which they were provided).

    The second case sounds like you have a legitimate installation disk and it booteth not. This tends to enforce my current best-guess that you have a hardware issue.

    What is the history of this machine? Was it working before all of this, or has it never worked? What was running on it before? Can you take a known good bootable DVD (some utilities, or a live CD, or such) and try to boot from it?
  2. Is your bios set to boot from the cd\dvd drive?
  3. is it possible to create a usb installation win 7 64bit form a win 7 32 bit ?

    yea everything else works it just dosnt boot win 7 64bit , i tried copying the image to the cd , burning the image and nothing - so i guess i use the usb installation
  4. If you mean using a machine running 32-bit Win7 to create a USB installation for 64-bit Win7, the answer is that it is possible. I personally install from DVDs, not USB, so I can't help you there.
    The motherboard should support 64-bit OSes.
    Burning a DVD from the .iso file should create a bootable DVD. Copying the .iso file to the DVD will not create a bootable DVD; did you do that?
    Also, can you try the DVD that you burned in some other, known-to-function computer and verify whether or not it is bootable there?
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