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I would like to know which cpu do the best score in 64bit apps. I know it would be hard to make comparation. But if you take 32bit Os benchmark with 64bit os and see the difference between intel and amd it would work. More software are coming 64bit and i don't know which cpu work better in 64bit mode.
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  1. well. where is the amd fx-74 sold in pairs?.....when is the quad core for amd coming out?.......i have the l1n64 dual socket mb....my memory is the pc2 6400 2 gig single stick x 2 = 4 gig.. plus single stick pc2 6400 1 gig x 2 = 2 gig, but because they are mixed will i have a problem??...{ diffrent makers also}.... still need two video cards that are sli.....but the mb has 4 slots for pci express.....is that four video cards? i would like the 8800 gtx video cards, but i hear there are no drivers for xp....and vista will not run the games that are used now with xp......wow.....what now? alton3262000@yahoo.com
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