Danger Den Tyee ATI X1800 / 1900 Video Card Cooler


I was running this on a MSI X1900XTX... WONDERFULL FIT... Covered everything except voltage regulator...

MSI hit the RMA bin... Down the tubes...

Does anyone else use this on any other brand of X1900XTX's? I bought it from NEWEGG, and the MSI X1900XTX are out of stock.

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  1. The Tyee is a fine waterblock if you don't care about water flow. It's just too restrictive with all the angles and bends in it. Now, if it matters, getting a waterblock that is strictly dedicated for the GPU is much more condusive to better flow. THen, you get ramsinks for the memory because, truthfully, the videomemroy just doesn't really generate enough heat to warrant being cooled by water when raminks will do just fine for you
  2. Noted about restrictions...

    Unfortunately there is very few total watercooling solutions, and I am not interested in using a waterblock that DOESNT cool the memory.

    ... Danger Den works well with most X1900XTX's as seen via the NewEgg images.


    As far as bends, their are not much options to remove bends from the most watercooling systems.

    It does an amazing job cooling the unit... probably because of the LARGE surface area...
  3. I bought the DD, cause its a GREAT design... I cant research each part I buy for this thing... If I did, the machine would be out of date before its finished, The DD keeps it REALLY cool... so why would I change it?
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