7900GS - better cooling solution than 7900GT?!

everyone knows that the 7900GT(especially the factory oc ones) have many problems due to the poor heatsink design and small fan.

does anyone know whether the newly revised, slightly worst performance 7900GS has a better cooling solution than the 7900GT? If yes, i wouldn't mind getting the GS despite the 5-10fps lost in most games compared to the GT.
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  1. Who said they have a bad heatsink?
    Imo its pretty good 8O but im a newb in this stuff
  2. hmm, I have seen two diferent heat sinks for 7900GT, theres a smaller one that does not cover the ram, and a bigger one that covers everything. If you get the EVGA KO version it has the bigger one (the one I have). And my temps dont get to high, im running 530 core, 825 mem (1650 effective). Also I think the 7900GS and GT have the same cooler, but you would need to check what company you are purchasing the card from. I noticed that newegg no longer carries the EVGA 7900GT cards that had the smaller heatsink, but some companies like XFX have a smaller one that does not cover the ram. All I know is after a few 3d mark loops it gets around 70 (I have my fan set up to go 100% at 67 degrees). I need to get a new case tho, as the one I have... everything gets way to hot in it. But its been about a month-2months and the card is still kicking.
  3. geez.. nVIDIA webby does't say anything much abt the new GS.
  4. sorry for the double post.. but:

    As you can see, the 7900GT and the new 7900GS are very similar in specifications, where the only difference is found in the vertex and pixel shaders. But how can Nvidia sell what is basically a slightly underpowered 7900GT cheaper? why not just lower the 7900GT to, say, a little over $200? The reason that Nvidia can sell the 7900GS cheaper than the 7900GT, and the reason they have even created the GS instead of just making the GT cheaper in the first place is because the 7900GS core is basically a left over 7900GT core that couldn't quite cut it at 24 pixel shaders and 8 vertex shaders. Due to the nature that is chip manufacturing, not all chips come out high enough in quality to meet specifications, so they become unused, until that is a new specification set is drafted and approved, as seen with the 7900GS. Rather than throw these chips away, Nvidia have taken the only very slightly faulty ones, lowered the specs very slightly, and have created a new chip in a price point that didn't have much in the way of occupants. But is it a winner? Read on as we compare a 7900GS directly to a 7900GT in our standard game benchmark suite to find out!

    does it mean that the 7900GS is more 'stable'?
  5. You're worrying for nothing; they've fixed the problems.
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