How to view individual ink-levels on HP deskjet 5550

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I've got a Deskjet 5550 printer. I recently started
doing some photo-printing using the color + photo carts.

The WinXP printer driver (v7.1.0?) lets me view the
'overall' ink-level of a cartridge. But I'd to see
an estimate of individual ink-usage (per color.)

I fully understand that I need to replace the cart
if any ink runs out... I just want a way to view
the individual ink-levels, so I can then print
different photos to 'balance out' the less-used
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    Can't be done. About all you can do though is a 4-1 Tap (Dot Count)
    printout to see how many droplets of each colour ink have been fired. Hold
    the power button down, press the top cancel button 4 times then the middle
    page feed button once, then release the power button. You would have to
    keep printouts throughout the cartridge's life to get an idea of usage.
    You'll get a printout like this:-


    K 276,110,317

    C 50,948,348
    M 53,713,853
    Y 112,218,655

    c 81,808,179
    m 96,960,232
    k 64,698,724

    K=black #56
    C =Cyan in #57
    M=Magenta in #57
    Y=Yellow in #57
    c=Cyan in #58
    m=Magenta in #58
    k=Black in #58

    The main colour that gets used up fast always seems to be the yellow.
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