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Hello. I've just recently installed one of my favorite old games, Starcaft. after playing it for about a week I've found out that there is a 100 milisecond delay on any action you make when using Windows 7. I desided to hook up my old hard drive and It's telling me that it's corrupt, has a virus, I believe because the mother board doesn't recognize it I think. Is there any way that I'd be able to get that hard drive working or maybe ever use it as a second drive, some how?
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  1. Yes you can use other operating system like linux , i belive you can play starcraft on wine . But you can't run 2 windows systems on 2 harddrives . Try to lower your theme in windows 7 . disable that "cool" aero and other stuff . You will probably be fine . Here is a guide. Go to My computer >> right click >> properties >> performance informations and tools(at the bottom left)>> adjust visual effects >> adjust for performance . press apply then ok .
    Or just lower graphics in game .
    You can format that corrupted hard drive .
    Find answer via google .
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