Need help picking out agp card

I'm looking for an agp video card for $100-$150 max. nvidia or ati dosent matter just want the best bang for my buck.
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  1. well he is just a small idea of what you can get from Newegg right now
    Gf 6600GT $125
    X800GTO $147
    x1600pro 512mb $132
    GF 7600GS $126
    they are all good cards... the x1600pro are the two weaker ones and are equal to each other...
    the 7600gs is a little better and the bets choice is the X800GTO
  2. Thanks, on a other note is 512 better then 256?
    try this link here the x850pro is a good deal for that price range.
  4. when it comes to the x1600pro no not really its too weak to handle that much ram ... 512ram becomes more important when you are talking about the x1900 series and the gf7800-7900-7950 series :)
  5. Quote:
    try this link here the x850pro is a good deal for that price range.

    yes that is a great price :) i think that this card would be your best bet this or the X800GTO
  6. also I only have a 350w psu, my system is kinda old.
  7. well i have a 350w too and i had a gf 6600GT at one time... so i think you pass the minimal system requirements :)
  8. That PSU should be fine for the cards recomended.
  9. I'm in a similar search - I have retired my old Dell Dimension 8200 (2.4 P4 cpu, 2 GB RAM, 160 & 250 GB drives, ATI 550 Pro tuner card) to PVR duty. It is working pretty well with BeyondTV 4.0 and an old Radeon 9550 card and a clean XP Pro install.

    My question is: for $100 - $150, what AGP card would provide really noticeable performance increases over my old 9550 card? Or would the $ even really produce a difference I could see? I am recording at high-quality with MPEG 2, generally things look pretty decent, my input is just analog cable (comcast). I'm currently feeding an old but sweet Sony 27" via the s-video line.

  10. GF 6600,gf6600GT,x1600Pro, 7300GT, x800 series,x850 series... all great choices and they will do the job i think :)
  11. Reviews at NewEgg highly praise the SAPPHIRE 100131L Radeon X800GTO 256MB 256-bit GDDR3 AGP 4X/8X . Many mention loud fan, some temp issues and some size issues. Wonder if this is an OK card and if it will fit my old Dell Dimension 8200 mobo/case? I'll shop around on this one.

    My current production rig is a Velocity Micro w/ AMD 4400X2, 3 GB of Crucial, 10k SATA Raptor main drive and a 7800 GTS, with a 400 GB SATA data drive. I use it mostly for audio recording/editing and video editing driving 2 monitors. I'm not expecting to ever use the old Dell for anything but a PVR for the rest of it's life. It's holding up realy well and spending around $125.00 for a good AGP graphics card seems like a way to keep it out of the dump for a few more years. Plus if my VM every dies I can play BF2 on the x800 while I'm waiting for parts! Hard core builders will turn up their noses at Dell, but I've slowly tweaked the old girl into a useful machine. :lol:
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