Cd drives and capables, quick question

I have just ordered the MSI 975x platinum mother board and an Asus 16x16 DVD-RW

Both are retail and not oem, will these products come with the cables required to connect the driv to the mobo has i have not read anywhere that either contains the cable

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  1. I don't understand retail and not OEM. I read it all the time, but i always confuse about them.

    Usually if you buy a motherboard, you won't receive only the mobo. It's packed in one box containing installation CD, manual and i think MSI is quite a generous mobo manufacturer. They will give you an IDE cable, FDD cable, SATA cable and maybe others cable or other things. Besides that, if you don't receive the cable, you can get it for less than 10$.
  2. Retail products come with all the goodies as shown/advertised on the manufacturers web site. OEM contains only the product, none of the goodies, in most cases, not even a manual.
  3. I've never heard of a retail DVD drive or motherboard board not coming with the basic cables. I've bought a few DVD drives (for me, parents, friends, etc) and all came with the cables, same with all the motherboards I've purchased.
  4. if they are both retail youll get all the cables you need.....youll probably have too many cables for the DVD-RW(1 from the mobo packaging and one from the DVD packaging)
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