Beginner trying to overclock a 7900gs

I want to try and overclock my 7900gs (slightly). This is my first time.

Can anyone run threw the process and specify what software I need? I want to overclock to 500 core and 690 memory.
Can someone also direct me to the best software for monitoring the GPU temps whilst overclocking.
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  1. Nvidia's nTune is straight from Nvidia and works if you have a nForce motherboard, or Rivatuner is a third party software. I would try nTune and forceware from Nvidia's homepage first.

    nTune here
  2. what about temp monitoring?
  3. Did you go to the link that I posted? It does lots of stuff.

    New and improved task-driver user interface.

    Adjust motherboard settings: Change system clocks, system voltages, system fans and memory timings.

    Adjust GPU settings: Change GPU clocks and fans.

    Dynamic BIOS access: Change system BIOS settings without entering the BIOS!†

    Automated system tuning: Optimize system performance with the click of a button.

    Custom rules: Provides the ability to customize the circumstances under which different system settings get applied.

    Pre-built profiles/rules: Provide a quick path to getting the best performance when needed.

    Event logging: Allows the tracking of bus speeds, temperatures, voltages, and profile changes in a log file that may be imported to a spreadsheet application for indepth analysis.

    Fall-back control: Provides the ability to identify the precise profile/rule associated with a crash (profile/rule will be disabled after crash).

    Improved dynamic overclocking: Provides on-the-fly overclocking and BIOS configuration within an easy-to-use Windows interface that is streamlined and simplified for better user understanding.

    System troubleshooting: An automated reporting tool captures all needed information to help you determine when problems may be happening to the system, and helps you troubleshoot.

    Improved system monitoring: Temperatures, voltages, and bus speeds are now available as an "always-on-top" window with a transparency option so that it is visible at all times.

    Voltage and bus speed monitoring: Track actual motherboard voltages, GPU clocks, bus speeds, and CPU core speed to ensure safe and correct settings.

    Temperature and fan speed monitoring: Real-time monitoring of CPU, GPU and system temperatures helps prevent hardware damage. nTune supports dual-CPU and SLI multi-GPU systems.†

    Dynamically adjustable voltages and fan speeds: Adjust motherboard voltage levels without a reboot, as well as dynamically control fan speeds. New option for temperature-based fan control.†

    Dynamically adjustable memory timings: Change critical memory timings without rebooting and without entering the BIOS.
  4. Thanks. Any further tips?
  5. Brilliant.

    You couldn't have put it any easier.
    I will try this tonight.

    Thanks alot.
  6. i'm also using coolbits. it's very simple.
    I usually can go a little more than the frequency it finds, but those are a very good starting point.
    Also, if you get stable results and are happy with them, don't forget to check the box so that the settings remain after you restart the system.
  7. yep I got you.

    I overclock my 7900GS from 450/660 to 640/960

    my VGA used Zalman GPU fan, and samsung 1.2ns DDR3 memory.

    and 640/960MHz got 10676 @ 3Dmark 05

    E 6600 2.4G
    MSI i975X
    2GB DDR2 800 4-4-4-8
    WD Raptor X 150GB HDD

    you can use Powerstrip to OC 7900GS

    the Powerstrip can round Driver Test
  8. Used Coolbits yesterday. It was easy to change clock speeds. At the end, I just clocked to 500 / 690.

    I wanted to just clock a little and keep the fan running as standard.

    Does anyone know weather the leadtek 7900GS (normal) can overclock higher with it being at a solid stable state? If so, how much higher?
  9. hey guys, i just got my brother a 7900GS and installed it. i have read this thread, but i want to get this thing running at top performance. i heard something about turning off fast writes? does pcie have fast writes? im very new to this stuff and would appreciate anyones input on what to do to get this thing going at top performance. thanks guys.
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