Windows 7 is pulling one over on me...

So I've set up an SSD RAID0 array for my W7 OS. Being that I only have 60 gigs worth of drive space available on the SSD RAID, I've started the process of turning all the large folders within Windows (mainly the folders comprising the various libraries and an additional games folder) into shortcuts dedicated to partitions on a standard HDD I'm using to store my data. Why do this?

1) because a lot of games like to install program data in one place and save-games in another by default and that can't be changed.
2) this method allows smoother integration into data storage and categorization features already in the W7

I used diskpart to mount the partitions on my HDD onto folders in my SSD RAID array, and it worked like a gem for all my library folders. That is, until I got to My Documents.

I suppose one of the "unwritten rules" of diskpart partition-folder mounting is that your partition may not be mounted to a folder created by the system; it has to be a folder that was user-created. It doesn't say this in the instructions, it merely says the folder must be empty, but, regardless, no folder except for user-created folders are allowed to be selected. Fine. My workaround involved deleting the pre-existing "My Videos" folder (for example), and simply creating a new folder with the name "My Videos" and using that folder to mount the desired partition on the HDD. No problem. Worked like a charm.

Deleting My Documents, on the other hand, has created some of the strangest OS behavior I've ever seen. It knows what I'm doing, and it's actively trying to thwart me, I swear. Deleting My Documents went smoothly enough - no lockouts - however, when I tried to rename my new folder "My Documents", I got a dialog box that informed me that there was already a folder present with that name, and would I like to merge the contents of the both-empty folders.

"Oh," said I,"it must have recreated the folder hidden because My Documents is pretty much a staple of Windows." I then went into the control panel and turned on "view hidden files and folders" only to find that when I refreshed the folder containing My Documents there was no hidden My Documents folder to be found! Ok...what exactly is Windows trying to merge this folder with, then? So, I merge the folders only to discover that the system's My Documents folder has taken precedence...apparently...and I cannot mount my partition to it.

Long story short, I finally got My Documents to delete and MY own, user-created My Documents to take the stage thus allowing me to mount the partition to it! Victory! Only not victory, because Windows created a new My Documents in the root directory. What!? delete! Victory! No, now there's a My Documents back in the original folder next to the one I created! What!? Delete! Fail, now it's on my desktop! DELETE DELETE DELETE! :cry:

WHY WON'T IT DIE!??? I feel like I'm playing some strange version of Duck Hunt.
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  1. DIR "C:\Users\Your name or whatever
    There is not a folder called" My Documents" there, it is called just "Documents". If you look at the properties of "My Documents", then click on the Location tab, you can see the folder name.
  2. Ah interesting. So how do I get rid of the Documents folder and get the OS to default to MY "Documents" folder?

    Is this the case for all the folders in C:\Users\my user name ?
  3. Are all the folders in Users\My User Name (Justin) shortcuts to \Users\Default ??
  4. I would start by renaming custom folders something other then native O/S file names.
    NOT using MY as a lead in for example.
  5. davcon said:
    I would start by renaming custom folders something other then native O/S file names.
    NOT using MY as a lead in for example.

    That would work, but that defeats the purpose of what I'm trying to do. I want to keep the default names so that programs that dump files into those folders for storage by default aren't doing so on my SSDs. For example, a lot of games dump save-game files and user info into specialized folders within My Documents. I don't want that taking up space on my SSDs.
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