Buying A Gaming Laptop Is worth or not...????

Everyone know that laptops can't upgrade .I think buying a gaming laptop is waste of huge amount of money before vista relese .Coz graphic card makers still not relese DX 10 cards.I believe they will take 2-3 months to relese first round of mobile DX 10 GPUS after first round of Desktop DX10 card relese .

I'm bit confused ........go for a lap or desktop b4 DX 10....My 1'st faver is laptop but lack of DX 10 Mobile GPU make me not to go for that.What can i do now?????
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  1. I know Desktop is da best solution 4 Everything ..As Uni IT Student i have to do some projects..Etc.My friend told me to go for a C2D E6600(said to OC it)Desktop with 2 Gb ram & X1950XTX and buy C2D dell 640 lap for Uni works(around $900).What do you think about that .I have $4000
  2. i'M plan to build it my self desktop around $2800 & rest for lap ..Here's ma rig

    C2D E6600(OC using water cooler)
    2GB G-Skill Ram(PC2 6400)
    ATI X1950XTX or 7900GTX
    Gigabyte mobo 965P-DS4(It's like DQ6)
    200GB x 2 HDD at RAID 0
    320 Gb HDD for backup
    Audigy X-FI
    800W PSU
  3. Thanx Bro..later
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