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Ok, I would like to buy a TV tuner card which enables me to watch/record/pause QAM channels that are provided through my school (Carnegie Mellon Univ.) Now, I am guessing since they are through the regular cable package that the school gives us that they would be unencrypted. I am pretty sure from my reading that there are no tuner cards that can receive encrypted QAM channels as you would need a CABLEcard to decrypt them. If anyone knows my situation or has encountered a similar situation I would appreciate it. And what cards are quality, I haven't done any real research on cards yet as I would like to know what type, if any, I should be looking for. Thanks in advance.
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  1. Wouldn't I need one of the few that has a QAM tuner?
  2. For QAM there are only 2 card I know of that will decode unencrypted channels and they are the Dvico Fusion and the MyHD MDP-130. From Reviews I read the MyHD one is a little better. There are multiple reviews on these cards on the web and both retail for around 100 to 200 dollars. I have been looking for one to hook up to Comcast cable since they dont encrypt some channels even some hd channels are not encrypted. Its amazing how many channels you can get with the 12 dollar monthly cable service.
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