Airflow Question

Which is a better direction for the fan in the top of my case?

Pointing IN:

or pointing OUT:

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  1. Let me answer your question with a question:

    How do hot air ballons work?

    Therefore, since you don't want to blow hot air back into your case, exhaust would make the most sense! Another thing... too much intake causes hot pockets to form due to air not being able to leave. Always better to have more exhaust than intake...
  2. I would guess out, as hot air rises to the top of the case and generally cool air is pulled from the front, not the top.

    But, the smartest thing to do is check your temps under each condition and see which is best.
  3. when i doubt....blow it out
  4. Better yet, go to wal-mart, buy a 10 inch desk fan, open your case door, and blow liberal amounts of air on it.

    If that doesn't work, move to Alaska, and try again.
  5. LOL I bought a Honeywell turbine 10 inch deskfan from Walmart it droped my Temps from 69 to 52C sometimes it gets to 45c on idle with air condition on 74F. I Messured with Speedfan. I finally found out my problem and fixed it but the fan makes it nice
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