A Network Cable is Unplugged

We have a small home network, consisting of an ethernet ADSL modem, which acts as a DHCP server to three computers. all connected through a Belkin 8-port switch.

The network doesn't see much traffic. There are a few shared resources, shared internet and occasionally streamed video.

It all works perfectly, except...

Intermittently, a balloon pops up saying 'A Network Cable is Unplugged' on PC1 (as I shall call it). It only lasts a couple of seconds and doesn't cause any problems, except for if we're watching video on the machine connected to the TV, streamed from PC1, which stutters and skips for a few seconds then carries on.

Does anyone have any idea what might cause this? There isn't a problem with the cables because they've all been checked/replaced and aside from this irritation it all works fine.

PC1 runs XP Home and the other two run XP Pro

Ta for any thoughts/advice :)
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  1. try changing the port in which the pc is connected at the switch, also try changing the patch cables around, or changing NIC cards.. also if you could when this pc looses connection check and see if the light on the switch turns off, if it does it is hardware, if it doesnt and it stays lit through the whole duration of this reset, the it sounds like driver problem / windows problem....post back here i will help as much as i can ;)

    EDIT sry disregard the NIC part in my last
  2. Thanks for your input, it's much appreciated.

    I'd already swapped cables around and tried different ports on the switch, now I've tried a different nic too, nothing has helped.

    Unfortunately the switch is located some way from the pc so I can't check lights, especially as the fault lasts for such a short period.

    Oddly enough I was chatting to a friend today who had a very similar problem, turns out the power supply to his router/switch wasn't coping but rather than fail completely, it merely cut out for short periods then carry on. Took him weeks to figure out the problem!

    Anyway, I shall try a different switch when I can get hold of one.

    Thanks again for your help.
  3. Friend has this kind of problem with a network device. Power would blink for a second or brown out. The device never turned off but enough power was lost to drop a connection. I'd try making a direct connection and see if that keeps happening.
    It's also possible you might have some EMI effecting your cable, if it's running close to a transformer in your house or something that would do that.

    Then again, it could be the cable isn't making good contact within the plug.
  4. Try timing your Intermittent connection drops.
    If the disconnect times show up in a regular interval (say 10min) then look at ADSL modem. it could be the ADSL modem setting the DHCP renewal on too short of an interval like every 10min or so and so every 10min, windows gets a "new" IP and your connection drops while this happens.
  5. did you try resetting the adsl modem? and also check the ports and cables that you are using.and is that only having on one pc or all your pc's? :wink:
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