Problem with vgacard?


Everytime I play a game, after 10-15 minutes my computer is completely frozen. Bios and drivers are up to date.

Anybody know what the problem could be??

Motherboard: Asus P5GDC-V Deluxe
vgacard: Asus ATI X700 Pro extreme edition

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  1. Sounds like a classic overclocking issue.
  2. nothing is overclocked but the vgacard has a themperature of 47°C when only windows is running.

    So I am going to buy 2 extra antec coolers and hope it will run better
  3. sounds like a Power Supply problem.. what is your power supply make sure that the fan is working or that its wattage is high enough? i one had the same problem and it was the PSU ... the fan had stoppped.
    what games are you trying to play ?
  4. Where to start, seriously...

    There is so many things it could be with your short description that its all just a guessing game.
    You need to do some trouble shooting of the system, then tell us what you have discovered, so we have a more detailed description of the problem.
  5. Even 60c isn't bad. I've seen worse.
  6. Reseat the cooler on your VGA card. That card shouldn't produce that much heat at idle.

    Try playing a game for 10 or so minutes, or right before you think it will freeze, and check the temperature. If it is over 70 degrees after ten minutes or so, then your problem probably lies in an incorrectly seated heatsink.
  7. Quote:
    sounds like a Power Supply problem.. what is your power supply make sure that the fan is working or that its wattage is high enough? i one had the same problem and it was the PSU ... the fan had stoppped.
    what games are you trying to play ?

    I agree. I'm more inclined to think it's a PSU problem. To the OP: What are the rest of your system specs, and what are you playing?
  8. In my experiance when your PSU isnt strong enough or failing you will get random resets, instead of freezes.
    I would imagine it has to do with heat instead, something is overheating, wether it be the chipset on his motherboard, the CPU, or the GPU, either way it doesnt seem like it is his PSU at this point, but the man hasnt offered enough information at this point to make a intelligent diagnosis about anything.
  9. download the latest STABLE version of atitool

    make sure temperature record to log is on

    play a game till it crashes or for 10 min

    reboot... go into c:/program files/atitool/log.txt

    read the last entry into the log starting at initialization (says your clock speeds and date) to the last entry.

    See your peek temps and what the last 5 or so temps were before the crash.

    That can help you know what the temps were and if it was a problem.

    I ALWAYS monitor my VGA temps... 81C is the highest sustained temp (check my sig for OC details)

    and yes i did mean to have caps-lock on.
  11. true but when i had my PSU probablem it would only FU#K up on NFS MOST WANTED and CS:S but other whise the pc would be working perfectly fine :) so just check it out ... it never hurts
  12. the other parts:
    CpU: Intel Pentium 4 3.4Ghz
    Cooler: AeroCool HT-102
    Memory: Kingston 1Gb DDR2 PC4200
    HDD: Maxtor 120GB ATA133 7200rpm
    Western Digital 120GB SATA I 7200rpm

    Themperatures when just started up
    CPU: 46°C
    VGA: 46°C
    Memory: 36°C
    Powersupply: 23°C
    HDD: Maxtor 58°C
    WD: 47°C

    Themperatures after 10 minutes playing FEAR
    CPU: 53°C
    VGA: 50°C
    Memory: 36°C
    Powersupply: 27°C
    HDD: Maxtor 59°C
    WD: 47°C

    3Dmark06 score: 690
    SM2.0 Score: 326
    CPU score: 992
  13. Your specs listed everything but your PSU.
    Your temps look fine.
  14. PSU: Chieftec 380Watt
  15. did another gametest and switched back to windows when game was on: all themperatures where approximately the same except the PSU was 72°C
  16. If the card (GPU or RAM, any one of them) is overheating, you'll see artefacts long before it crashes. If its the PSU the system will either turn off (so you have to press the reset or power switch manually) or it will reset/restart/reboot whatever you call it. It won't freeze (means display will go blank).

    When it freezes its usually the problem is with drivers. In this case try using different (even OLDER) drivers, especially the chipset patch. The most common symptom is that dosplay freezes but if you don't reset the audio keeps going on, then sometimes distorts, then the audio cntrlr is also freezed. I know b/c this happens to me (nF3 250Gb and Radeon 9600 vanilla), IMHO its b/c the chipset driver and the ATI one are not optimized for each other so there's an infinite loop error (that triggers not in games but when I'm using MSIE AND WMP10). So I've switched to FF1.5.

    The problem persists with nForce drivers 5.11 and Catalyst 6.4 through 6.8 (I haven't yet installed the today's release 6.9). I swapped it w/ an AOpen FX 5200 from my friend KM400 build and voila, both ystems worked perfectly. So this narrows sown to driver incompatibility.

    I think you're encountering the same. Try swapping ccards w/ someone.
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