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I've heard rumours about the MSI K9N SLI-2F, nForce 570 SLI motherboard. People are saying that the chipset of this MB get extremely warm which complicates the computers functioning. Are these rumours true or do you recommend me to buy it? The big dilemma is that this MB is a part of an otherwise very nice package. So now i don't really know what to do, I'd really appreciate some guiding. Thanks.
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  1. Hi There,
    Yes...the chipset's rectangular Heatsink just doesn't do the job. Luckily, there are plenty of Aftermarket Chipset Fans and heatsinks available. I own this board, and I just mounted a pair of fans side by side, and they happen to be an exact fit! (measure the heatsink with a 12 in. ruler, and then take it with you to your local computer store) I glued them together (side by side first-on a hard flat surface). I didn't want to have the Plastic fans in direct contact with the heat sink, so I took the Flat, phillips head screws normally used to secure PCI cards, and screwed them into the Screw holes...they were just snug enough. I then used Superglue (! yes, this actually works very well, and even with the heat, in my experience, they stay put) gel, and put a very light coating around the edges of the screwheads...then positioned them on the heatsink, and pressed for 20 seconds. I also purchased a 12 volt adapter for them, and linked them into one of the power supply's 12 volt output's (those little fans draw very little power). A "Y" adapter would have worked too, and if there is an open fan power output on your board, this should also work. Pay attention to your Graphics card...make sure the fans will not get in the way. I have them blowing downward. The chipset is running cooler now, and I feel much better about it. And I only spent 10 bucks! OK ok..this was the cheap route, but hey, it works great, and I didn't have to spend 30 dollars or more for a new aftermarket heatsink/fan/chipset cooling assembly ( also, I did NOT want to have to disconnect everything--including removing the motherboard to get the OEM heatsink off the board ).
    If you decide to copy my cooling solution, just make sure you use the superglue if in the future you need to replace them, you won't run into a problem getting them loose (this is not the first time I've used this method).
    In any event, it is never good for any chip to run that hot for extended periods. I could lead to failure down the road, and then one now has a dead motherboard. Also, chips that run too hot will often effect performance after running that way for extended periods. One symptom of a damaged chip is, the computer will just not respond--it'll run SLOOOW. I am not saying MSI didn't test the chips ability to stand up to such heat, but personally, I didn't want to take any chances. I learned long ago...the hard way.
    Otherwise, I love the board. It runs all of my games well, and That's the bottom line for me: to have a computer which can handle my games smoothly--with good graphic's resolution settings. Most likely, MSI will either put larger/different heat sink on the board in the future, or a fan...or both. In the meantime (if it were me..and it is!), I'd go ahead and get the board...and make this minor hardware adjustment myself.
    I think the board is that good of a value/performer.
    I hope this helps! :)
    P.S. Never force ANYTHING in a computer, and you'll never accidently break something. J
  2. I have probably an earlier production( k9n sli platinum,ver 1.2) version with the heatpipe setup. Any +'s or -'s anyone notice with the heatpipe vs. the rectangular chipset cooler?I just bought the board at fry's
  3. The rumor is incorrect. I own the MSI K9N SLI-2F mainboard and i never had problems w my chipset to get hot. I did overclocks, and i must say that the board worked perfectly. I have the same rectangular heatsink that does it's job just fine. i owned a board w heatpipes and after a few month i had to take it to warranty because my chipset fried.
  4. This motherboard has 1000 fsb. Does it works with 1333 fsb PCU?
  5. haukar said:
    This motherboard has 1000 fsb. Does it works with 1333 fsb PCU?

    I meant CPU.
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