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I had some electrical problem at my new house and my PSU&Mobo went in smoke, forcing me to upgrade sooner than planed. This is my built, any comments (prices in canadian $, mostly from tigerDirect).

CPU : Core2Duo 6400 (300$)
Mobo : MSI P965 NeoF (140$)
RAM : Kingston 1024MB PC5400 667MHz Dual Channel DDR2 Memory (2 x 512MB)
Enermax PSU :NoiseTaker2 420W (85$)
Radeon X600 Pro 256Mo (100$)
HD : Samsung SpinPoint T133 300GB / 7200 / 8MB / SATA2(127$)

I’m keeping my soundcard, optical drives and screen, but will probably trow in a antec Solo 2 case to replace my old beige box.
I’m a graphic designer and I will wait for the DirectX10 card to come out before investing on a graphic card, so I just picked a budget PCIxpress video card because my old agp won’t fit.
No time to play games too much, so it’s not a priority.
My old computer was really noisy, so this time I’m looking at quiet component.

My main interrogation goes for the RAM, graphic card and I still have to chose a CPU cooler will anything approved for socket 775 fit?
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  1. I would say you would like to either go with DDR2 533 CL3 Dual Channel, if you are in a budget. Reason for this is that youll get a performance boost since you will be synchonizing the RAM with the FSB. Or get DDR2 800 with 4-4-4-12 timings, these (in any brand) will be highly overclockable.

    The Asus P5W DH is arguably the best Conroe mobo. But probably overkill if you arent a hardcore enthusiast. Besides its pricey.

    Try getting a X800GTO for around the same price. Itll slaughter that card.

    If you want the fastest avaiable (and cheaper than samsung) HDD, get a Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 because or its perpendicular recording technology it has become a really popular and reliable HDD.

    For a quiet system ild recommed a "silent" case, a "passive" PSU (even that in your case I would check for PFC active and maybe a voltage regulator, in case the eletrical problem comes up again), maybe a cheap fan controller so you can keep the noise down on idle, and any HSF with a low Db count (>30db) would do.
  2. I just bought the PSU because realizing the MoBo was dead too.
    As you pointed out, the Asus P5W Deluxe is too $$$ for me.

    As for the X800GTO, a quick look shows me it cost twice as much as the X600 Pro... I haven't fix my mind yet.

    As for the electrical problem, it was a water pipe that started leaking just at the place where the home main ground wire connects to it. It has been taken care of now.

    Thanks a lot.
  3. If you plan on getting a DX10 card then I would definitely upgrade your PSU to a minimum of 600W. The R600 is rumored to use 250W alone. The 430W PSU that you plan on getting will not be sufficient. I don't know what the G80 will use but I'm assuming it's going to be around 200W.

    Do you plan on OC'ing? If not, I'd invest a little more and get the E6600 with the higher clock speed and more cache.

    Video card. As far as the US is concerned, the X800GTO isn't that much more than the X600Pro. I'd look around a little more for a better deal on a video card.
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