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I'm doing a real mild upgrade to my Gateway Select 1200CS. Anyway, the documentation says it has a 200w power supply, and I'm sure my vid card is going to need more than that. I started looking at power supplies and I'm bewildered by all the versions, dual rails vs. single and such. You power supply guys must have a head for numbers! :D Anyway, can you guys recommend a good, inexpensive power supply that will fit my gateway mid-tower case? Since I'm not going to be using an Uber-Video Card, I don't imagine I'll need all that much power, maybe 350 or so. Anyway, what do you think? Thanks! :D
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  1. yea I have to agree, it's showing it's age. I found an ebay reference to a similar model, an Athlon 1.2g socket-a w/ pc133 circa 2001, and some part #'s

    I needed the serial from above to get to the gateway support site and that gave some decent views for the power supply, the rear view of the case, the power supply mounted in the case, and the motherboard.

    The power supply itself and how it is mounted looks strange, and google found a 300w replacement unit with strange dimensions 5.5" x 5.9" x 3.4" so it is slightly smaller than ATX (usually ~ 6x3.5x5.5). (it is an FSP/SPI unit, so it is good quality at least).

    What type of video card are you thinking about getting, and what were you planning to do with it? Would make a great PVR or media player with a DVI/tv-out card (like an FX5200) but playing BattleField2 would be a bit painful due to the memory / cpu bottleneck.
  2. Yep' it's old. 2001! Thanks so much for getting all that info for me. That power supply looks like just what i'm looking for. Not too much money, just enough power. I'm going to follow up with them. About Video cards, I was all set to get an X700 but I read some compatibility issues with old computers so now I'm looking at 6600 & 6600GT's. I found some of those for really really good prices. Do you think these will bottleneck my meager cpu? Anyway, I need to drive a DVI LCD and finally be able to play flight sims and whatever other games I can get away with! I know, not much with this rig... Thanks again! :D
  3. Sounds like a good plan, the old athlon 1.2 is power-rated roughly equal to the xp1800 so we can use that in the psu calc
    eXtreme PSU calc"]
    System Type: Single Processor
    CPU: AMD Athlon XP 1800+ 1533 MHz Palomino
    CPU Utilization (TDP): 100% TDP

    Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 6600 GT (615/1100)
    Video Type: Single Card

    IDE HDD 7200 rpm: 1 HDD

    DVD-RW/DVD+RW Drive: 1 Drive

    Regular: 1 Fan 80mm; 1 Fan 120mm;

    Motherboard, keyboard and mouse: Yes

    PSU Utilization: 100 %

    Total: 207 Watts

    © 2004 - 2006 and it's licensors. All rights reserved.

    Right on the money. The +12v rule doesn't apply here since the XP series and older AMDs use +5v for the majority of the cpu power so no worries. I would keep an eye on the gpu temps (esp if you get a fanless one) and maybe put a fan in that rear fan mount on the case if it gets unruly.

    Another idea is to measure a full size ATX PSU and cut out the mounting hole to match. Well that is what I did on my old PIII-500Mhz full-tower gateway case:

    You can see it's slightly crooked in the second pic but can't notice on the outside :wink: Works well!
  4. Perfect!!! :D Thanks so much!
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