will 3 gigs ram make a difference ?

hi i currently have 3 gigs in my p.c and im running windows xp pro
and the ram is 2x1gig sticks and 2x512 sticks on a asus a8n sli 32 deluxe mobo in dual channel now what i would like to know is will it run better with just the 2x1gig sticks ? and if i will have better latency ?
thanks :)
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  1. I had 2 1GB sticks in my pc and used 2 512MB sticks in the other and I did notice a difference in speed
  2. This answer will depend on what you use your computer for. If you actually use more then 2GBs, then the extra ram will probably help. If however you hardly ever exceed more then 1GB like most poeple, then the two smaller sticks are simply holding you back.

    My advice is to try it. See how tight you can make the timings now. Yank the smaller sticks, and see if they can go any tighter. If there is no difference, keep the smaller ones in just incase you ever do something that requires more then 2GBs of ram. (or sell them, put them in another PC, put them in your desk draw, whatever floats your boat.)

    If you don't mind, please come back with your answer.
  3. well i have the windows page file turned off and i was at a 200 man lan this weekend with just the 2gigs in and i had dc++ and a painkiller dedicated server running and total use was 1 gig and i was playing games so what do youy think ? just use the 2gigs ? and it runs quicker with just 2 gigs in
  4. If thats normal usuage, then leave the smaller sticks out. Seems like you knew the answer already.
  5. thanks for the help but do you think it would ever go over 2gigs useage ?
  6. Now or ever? There used to be a time where you would never go over 128MBs. I'm sure if you loaded a lot of memory intensive tasks you could force it to go over 2GBs. Frankly, I wouldn't worry about. If you get more speed out of 2GBs, and your usuage is around 1, then don't sweat it. Enjoy the speed.
  7. k great thanks :) well if i ever need the extra ram i can add them back and just to let you know painkiller uses 500megs of ram :) but i never used over 1gig so far
    so thanks again
  8. 2GB is plenty

    u should leave the smaller 512mB sticks in the cupboard until needed 4 vista
  9. i did pretty much the same thing you did only i left the extra 1 gig in as it had no adverse effects on my computer other then a extra gig of ram. same motherboard not sure if same ran the timings run in 2-3-3-5. However turning page filing off would only SLOW your computer down if you reached the limit horendisly not to mention it forces ALL running applications into memory for no good reason and i dont mean just the exe files. All the files it doesnt need in memory but in active page file get moved to memory whihc would move your full status threashold closer. The page file is there for a good reason I knew many people who turned that off beliving it would be a good thing only to find out later how bad it actualy was.
  10. well a friend of mine has his page file off and me and we seem to run a bit faster with it turned off ?
    and we both dont overclock
  11. Anytime you use more than 2 sticks you go from dual channel access to single channel. Imagine traffic on a road going from 8 lanes each way to 4 lanes. Same thing happens when you put your DIMMS in the 3rd and fourth sockets. Just depends on what you plan on doing with your computer though I guess.
  12. You should still have dual channel access with four sticks. The worst that might happen is losing 1T command rate. This was an issue with the older Hammer Athlon64 chips, it is supposedly fixed on the Vince chips. I heard rumors of NF2 chipsets that could support dual channel memory if the third stick was double sided.
  13. Doesnt make a difference cause windows xp doesnt know what to do with more than 2 gigs. When vista comes out it may make a difference but for now its overkill.
  14. Quote:
    Doesnt make a difference cause windows xp doesnt know what to do with more than 2 gigs. When vista comes out it may make a difference but for now its overkill.

    It does if you use the /3gb switch in your boot.ini.
  15. 3 Gig will not make any difference, except if you crunching several DVD at the same time, or any big I/O usage, like RARing several archives at same time, but even so... The real difference is that you can argue that you've got more memory than your friend :)
  16. windows can use 4 gig of memory however the memory controler of a 32 bit processor cannot do it correctly. and yes turning page filing off will in fact slow your computer down horrendisly if you ever start running low on memory. Not to mention it like i said before loads everything thats normaly resadent in pagefiling which is a considerable ammount of data into memory. Personaly i dont see any gain in turning it off it would only have bad reactions for stability and praformance. Turning it off and running from ram wouldnt speed anything up since everything in page file is random crap used by random apps and is hardly ever active anyways. Now if you turn pagefiling off all that usless crap is now resadent in memory wasting space it didnt need to before. If you manage to fill up your memory youll notice a large accurances of BSOD problems and application instabilitys.
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