omg that was gewd idea "video"

i just sall the artical review for that case from tomshardware guy should totaly pawn him and do that with everything the computer crap has to offer i want to see more videos im tired of reading threw thousands of pages of stuff on one artical my eyes some time fell like there about to bleed out of my head example that new review on the r600 i had to stop reading that it was way to much..... btw i bet you money that your hit count would double or even triple if you add video reveiw's like that dude on 3dgameman did :wink:
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  1. I started highlighting all your spelling and grammar mistakes, but it was just too much.

    Even your 1337 5p33k was wrong! Its "Pwn" not "pawn".

    Also, do you know how to use one period "." at a time? The only place you used them was to signify a break in your rambling.

    I do not know how old you are, or what your native language is, but just a bit of advice.

    When asking for something or giving ideas/advice, it is usally good to do it in a manner where everyone can not only respect, but UNDERSTAND what the heck you are saying.

    Now take a deep breath and try again. You may get an answer!!! ;)
  2. ¿Que?
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