Amazing new scanner review

And the hands down winner is ........CANON

Wow what a surprise!!
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  1. Cannon or HP.. But I'd still go with a cannon because I like how it's 1 cable connection. The only brand I didn't see on there that I wanted to was Microtec. They sell scanners in Best buy with one at 4800x2400 for $199. Otherwise very good review!
  2. I agree - I must say I always wanted to see such cool review, though I disagree with the verdict. I liked the review cos I could see the results by myself, what, for instance, makes Epson the winner - at least for me and as far as pure resolution is concerned (see the scan of the post stamp!)
    Just only wonder why the latest kids of Microtek (5600) and Epson (2450 which features USB 2.0 and Firewire)- were missing in the test.
  3. I was being facetious! I always thought the scanning quality was what made a scanner better than another. I had no idea it was the speed! The pictures of the postage stamp and the telephone keypad tell me that the CANON is not the better scanner. Why are the colors so different from the others? I suppose it could be because the first face image scanned by the CANON is different from the image scanned by the other three! Hmmmm. Well I suppose it comes down to speed. CANON makes fast products. Output quality is questionable, but it's fast.
  4. The Canon scanners I've used weren't all that fast to me. Their image quality was perfectly fine though. I've been more impressed with Epson scanners... they're the fastest scanners I've used, and the image quality is excellent. Epsons are much bulkier though and use seperate power cords. I think overall Epson makes better scanners and Canon makes better printers at the moment (in the sub $300 inkjet area). That's just my opinion.

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