Macbook pro screen blinks every 10 seconds in all applications

This is exactly the same problem that was reported for a windows pc. in 2005. vis:

On all of my applications the screen 'blinks' every 10
seconds and whatever drop-down menu I'm in will close. This is very
annoying because on a long drop-down list it will pop closed before I'm done
selecting and I have to try and beat the clock to get to where I need to
click before it closes again.

In Apple mail it's really difficult to type an email without going back to correct missing text caused by the 'blink'

This only applies to applications. The desktop is fine!
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  1. How old is the MacBook Pro?
  2. Hi Stealthinator, thanks for you interest. The MacBook is about 2 years old. No other problems in that time - this has arrived out of the blue.
  3. I know what to think then, other than it might be faulty machine. If the macbook was older (5+ years) , I guess you could expect problems like that), but it should still work pretty well at two years. After all, it's mac!

    Maybe if it would be possible for you to post up a video, it might be easier for me to help. Does this problem make your machine totally unusable? Also, does it occur all time or just out of the blue sometimes?

    One thing to get straight, this only happens when you have windows open, not when everything is closed or minimized and you can see the desktop.
  4. Hi Stealth, got to leave this for a couple weeks. However I can confirm that this annoying glitch only happens in open applications. The blink - about half a second only - happens every 10 seconds, ne the screen doesn't go black or anything, just a blink in functionality which needs a click in the app to restore drop-down functions, or typing text in any communications. The bar at the top of any web page or mail goes light grey requiring a click on the page to bring back normal colour. What do you think?
  5. Think it's extremely unusual. Not sure what else to think of it...
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