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I was recently just looking up information about external hard drives and couldn't find a straight answer to my question. I was wondering if instead of being used to transfer from PC to PC it could act as an "add-on" to my PC and just add more capacity to my internal memory.

I can't understand this. Say my PC has 60 gigs and I buy an external harddrive that can store 240 gigs; After connecting it, will my PC suddenly say I have 300 gigs of memory? Or will it somehow be independant from my motherboard's internal memory.

Will connecting it be the only installtion neccarsy? Will I be able to install programs/games on it? Will it be slower or have some disadvantage to the internal hard drive? Basically I don't understand how it incorporates itself and how it'll work together with a PC if used as additional memory.
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  1. You're getting confused between memory and storage. Although I know what you're talking about. The external hard drive will show up as a seperate 240 GB hard drive under My Computer (assuming you are running Windows). It will not combine the two hard drives into one. You really shouldn't run games and complex programs from an external hard drive. As for installation, if you are running Windows 2000 or XP, you should probably only need to hook it up to the computer. You should read the manual if you buy one though, just in case.
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