My homebuilt system = low frame rates online =(

I have my own system built, and it runs, and it runs very well, i run most sinlge player games maxed out like FEAR and Doom3 and they run beautifully, when i play games like Counter Strike source and BF2 online, i tend to get some pretty significantly low frame rates on mostly bigger or more filled servers.

in my system i have:
Chaintech SPT800 mainboard
X850 Pro 256mb AGP vid card
1024mb Corsair XMS pc3200 1 stick DDR400 RAM
PCI Fancard from vantec or sumthin like that, blue lights on it :D
Ultra 600-watt power supply
3.0GHz Intel P4 CPU with HT
7200RPM Western Digital 80gb Harddrive IDE
Onboard sound =(

I was wondering if anyone could help me determine the cause of my horrendously low frame rates. btw i get the same frame rates no matter what my settings are at online. Could it be i need more RAM or i need a sound card or what?
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  1. i always make sure no im programs or anything are running in the background, i usually shut them all off, and ive made sure no spyware or adware is on my computer
  2. Quote:
    probably your net connection. do a spyware sweep to make sure there is not any spyware eating up bandwith. Also shut of any file sharing or I.M. programs. If that does not work you may need more ram and possibly better video card. Best to try the free stuff first before you buy anything. Also make sure all drivers are up to date.

    If it runs fine in single player maxed then it is most likely a net connection issue. What type/speed connection do you have? You may want to try running a bandwith test online to see what the actual results (versus advertised) are. Do you generally get good file download speeds?

    If the game runs great in single player it should run the same online with a good net connection.
  3. yes i get good file download speed and i have tested my connection with dl speed of around 1500kbps +- a few, and a general ul speed of 300kbps +

    i understand that it could be a net connection but i lean more towards RAM causing it cus my cpu may not have enough room to hold everything and so it slows down when alot happens or jus alot of people are on the server which adds to more models to hold and more weapon sounds and so forth
  4. Well, I've been reading these forums for a while now but I had to register because I know what's wrong. Your video settings don't matter because it's your processor that's bottlenecking your PC. Source is VERY cpu dependant, and your processor is having trouble keeping up with all the activity going on in more populated servers. (I don't know about BF2, but I know my Source.) You could try lowering your cl_updaterate cvar to lessen the amount of data that has to be interpreted. 30 is probabaly the lowest you'd want to go before the game starts to get way too jumpy though.

    **You could also find some other commands that lessen the load in CS:S. Turning off dead bodies will help a lot. (cl_ragdoll_physics_enable 0 )
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