PCI Gigabit LAN Card vs OnBoard Gigabit LAn THe SAME?

hum i have been thinking.. Since Ther is GIGABIT LAN CARD on the market.. I have been woundering if it realy can Go up 2 1gb Like onboard Gigabit lan.! caus as far as i NO PIC slot is 1024Gb speed Share amount all ur PCi slot.. so DO u think it a bit pushie for Gigabit Lan card make on PCI CRAD?
I wounder?... :)
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  1. It can go faster than a 100mbit card, so you still get a performance improvement...


    PS: That was the most well-structured post I've seen from you. I actually understood it. Keep up the good work.
  2. With the transfer limitations of mechcanical hard drives today, you will not see 1gbps (1000mbps or 125MB/sec) transfer rate between PCs. To get anything close, you'd need to setup a RAM drive.

    As for PCI slots, 33MHz PCI slots have a transfer rate of 133MB/sec. 100mbps network cards will use 12.5MB/sec maximum of that (100mbps/8 = 12.5MB/sec). Gigabit network cards 1000mbps at full speed will nearly saturate a PCI bus (1000mbps/8 = 125MB/sec).

    Anyway...I have about five PC's running on gigabit and the best I've ever seen is 20% usage of 1000mbps (1000 * 0.20 = 200mbps) using CAT5e/CAT6 (makes little difference) with a few PCs with a PCI gigabit NIC and other onboard. Another thing is if the onboard gigabit network card is wired directly into a PCI bus, PCI-E bus, or into a special transport similar to what Intel developed for their onboard gigabit NICs.
  3. Hi all,
    One thing that I have noticed that would work I think although correct me if wrong is using two pci-e x1 cards. These should have the bandwith to do better than a pci slot. Unfortunately the only card I saw was the dlink and it was $80. I believe. I dont know if my Soyo kt600 which has an onboard gigabit controller would be better than pci-e or not.
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