Overclocking Corsair XMS2 DDR2-800, when to lower ratio?

Core 2 Duo e6700
4GB Corsair XMS2 DDR2-800 CL5

So i'm finally getting around to overclocking my new rig, bumping it 7mhz a day. I'm getting to the point tho where i'm not sure when to switch the memory ratio. right now i'm at a very low overclock, 2.8GHz @ 1122MHz FSB and DDR2-841 @ 2:3 (no change in average temps for CPU and mobo, no voltage increases).

Anyone have a general idea of when i should bump down the memory ratio? Anyone have experience overclocking this specific memory? Should i let it get to 900MHz before shifting? Or should i try to keep it going at 2:3 as long as possible? Or try to keep it as close to 800MHz as possible?
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  1. i think ddr2-900 should be possible with your ram, however maybe change the dram voltage to 2.1v (if its 1.8 or 1.9v already). keep it at 2:3 ratio (that is the default one for a 266 fsb:800dram right? or is it 1:3? :? )

    or change it to 1:1 and lower the latencies a bit mate and there you go, just make sure one of the two i said above as if you go to a lower ratio you might loose some performance!!

    so either go in sync with the fsb when the speed becomes too high and it wont post (or if you feel you think its a bit unsafe, too much heat etc) or keep it at the other ratio.
  2. any other opinions?
  3. Quote:
    any other opinions?
    I agree with gOdMan. Myself, i would try dropping back to 1:1 and lower the timings to see how that works. Eventually, you're likely going to have to drop back to 1:1 anyways, as your FSB increase. GL :)
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