Help me build a system.

Hi. I need some help here. 2 years ago I used to be all over the computer scene and knew everything. Since then I havent kept up with the lattest technology and know nothing lol. I have been doing some reading just toady tho and am learning a bit.

I want to build a system from my brother. He wants to spend money on a very high end system, but nothing stupid like $1200 for a Core duo extreme chip or anything. spending around $600 CDN for like a E6700 would be doable.

In total, I dont want to spend over $1300 on the computer tho (Case, cooling, PSU, MObo, CPU and RAm (im not counting video card or hard drive in that price))

So Im thinking I should get a E6700 and overclock it. Im also reading how everyone is recomending the Asus PW5 DH Delux Mobo. Well thats $300 and Can some1 explain to me whats so special about this mobo that I would want it over say>> something that that costs $150?

Anyway, what would some of you recommend? Basically Im looking to build a high end pc, just a level below those crazy priced extreme chips. Perhaps I can ask some more questions when people have posted a few ideas here for me.

BTW, Hes gonna be using the computer for gaming, video editing, downloading... lots of cpu intensive task, and Im going to Overclock the cpu as well. So cooling systems recommended
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  1. Get the E6600 if your planning on overclocking, its a better value since its simply an underclocked E6700.

    The P5W DH is arguably the best conroe motherboard for its overclocking capabilites and uncountable gizmos. Worth the money IMO.

    Any 2GBs DRR2 800 with 4-4-4-12 timings for it to overclock to ~500Mhz.

    The OCZ GameXtream PSUs are one of the best IMO, 600W would do.

    Read this Anandtech review to get some professional insight.
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