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I have just setup a wireless network using a Belkin wireless router(coming from my main desktop pc) and Belkin usb adaptor going into my laptop.

The laptop came up with the internet straight away'which seemed strange as i have another desktop pc that i'm sure i had to set the channel for it to look for on that one.

But my question is

1) How can i get files from the main server desktop pc to the laptop client?
How can i transfer files between them?

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  1. Use a router to get internet to both and share files.
    Use a switch if you just want to share files and not use the internet.
    The router will have a firewall built-in to protect your computers though.
  2. Are you saying you can't do the 2 things with the same setup?

    Router for the internet and Switch for sharing files?
  3. No, he said router for both (reread his post if you want), switch for just sharing.

  4. To keep it simple, buy a router.. the router will have a built in switch with routing capabilities.. which will allow you to network your computers, share files, and both access the internet.

    The switch would allow you to access each computer and depending on your ISP, only one computer would get internet access.
  5. You have the hardware in place, as the OP fairly clearly states, just setup file sharing and off you go. The easiest suggestion for you is to just google windows file sharing tutorial, throwing in your Particular OS. For example XP Home File sharing tutorial in a google query provides about 2 million hits. The first page of links really should be all you need. practicallynetworked.com homenhelp.com ezlan.com all have very descriptive articles. Then if you have specific questions this would be a decent place to ask them. As it is, your question is far too generic and provides too little information to go on. Even if you post your system specs down to the mobo chipset, a webpage dedicated to answer this very question (hundreds of webpages actually) is going to be your best bet. Step by step, illustrations and so on. I am sure many people could walk you through. My point is, all the information is out there, already nicely typed, organized and illustrated.
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