Sharing broadband bandwidth with 2 pc's using a router

Hi all,
I have a desktop pc and a laptop, the desktop is plugged into a router which is wireless and also and has built in modem.

The laptop is connected by wireless card.

It all works fine but what im wondering is my broadband connection is 2 meg.

When I using my laptop for downloading and im using my desktop for browsing, online gaming etc at the same time it runs very slow on my desktop.

Obvious I know, but my laptop is only downloading between 20-40 kb a sec so they should be plenty of bandwidth available for my desktop to use.

Is there any way or any settings were i can split my bandwidth for both pc's? for example id like to allocate 1 meg each for pc if thats possible in any way.

Any Suggestions or help much appreicated! :D
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  1. I have to make some assumptions here.

    First that you are using ADSL or Half Duplex cable Internet.

    Since you can only make an outgoing request or an incomming request. Multiple requests have to wait in a query the query buffers on most low end routers and cable/DSL modems plan suck.

    What you need is a feature called QOS or quality of service, most of the higher end retail routers now are starting to be equipped with this.

    If gaming is what your most intrested in take a look at D-link's DGL-4300 wireless gaming router. Read about it on the D-link site.

    The difference is waiting up to 2 seconds with a normal router vers 50ms with a decent QOS service based routers.

    Not all QOS routers actually use QOS correctly. So be careful when making your decision.

  2. Im in England using ASDL.

    Its there no other option to this?

    I mainly notice the problem when im downloading on my laptop, then im browsing on my desktop it slows right down. Although im looking to play games online a bit though.

    If so any more suggestions for buying a decent router with QOS capibilties, it looks a bit of a mine field when ive been looking.

    thanks all once again :lol:
  3. what kind of adsl gateway are you using? like the other said try to look with linksys wireless adsl they have QOS functionality in them. :wink:
  4. You'll want to divide it up by percentages, not by 1mbit here/there.

    There's a program out there.. traffic control or something, that you can install on your computers and say "use X amount of bandwidth for this program" and stuff like that.

    Try a google search for Bandwidth throttling or control. You should get some leads there.
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