ViewSonic VX922 Black/Silver 19" 2ms LCD Monitor

Ok, I've been thinking about getting this monitor, but I think since I'm am running an E6600 and an XFX 1950GX2 with 2 Gb's of Ram, that I should pick up an LCD with a better native resolution than 1280 X 1024 and go with one that is 1600 X 1200. Otherwise wouldn't the GPU go to waste at a resolution this low. IF any one can give me any opinions on this and recommend a moniter that is 1600 X 1200 with a low response time I would really appreciate it. By the way I'm just minutes from pulling the trigger on this purchase.
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  1. :o You would be ignorant to pair a 19" with a
    7950GX2 (or so that's what you put).

    I'm building a X1900 XT/e6600/2 GB RAM build, and am going with this monitor - at first I was going with the VX922 too, but then changed to an XTX from a 7900 GT, so there you have it....nirvana...5 ms RT, 5 eggs, 1600 X 1200.

    You can also get the white bezel one, same price..

    Which 2 GB are you running?
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