New Build with Dual Boot, im confused :S

Ok my dad asked me to build him a new dual boot computer for him for his work. Well i know pretty much everything there is to know about pc's but little to nothing about macs, so i was just wondering...what is the new dual boot version of OS X, i know its x86 so does this mean it could run on either AMD or Intel, or just Intel. I really havent kept up with the mac market cus im a gamer and macs arent the best things for games but my dad wanted this and i said i could do it for him. So a little help would be greatly appriciated.
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  1. Hmm.. this is interesting. Would you happen to be talking about BootCamp? The thing that runs OSX on a mac or Intel is called like somethine x86. YOu can learn more by searching the web but I haven't found much other than hacks.
  2. ya its x 86 but im just having some problems getting started with it cus i would love to do this cus im always building stuff and doing things mechanically and i think it would be badass if i could get it to work
  3. Wait, you already have the program?
  4. no but thats what you have to use to build one of these systems:)
  5. Well that much I know, but I've never actually used the programs. Hmm... as long as you can get it you should be fine. Let me look for a link:

    This should have all the info you're looking for.
  6. Cool. Well have fun with that! Good luck :D
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