ocz rally flash drive problem

i have an ocz rally 1 gb flash drive that i bought in april, i have used it for several months with no problems. i havent used it for the past month, and just yesterday i tried using on my laptop and it didnt work, it just said 'unknown device'. so i got my friend who has the identical flash drive and it worked perfectly fine on my laptop. what could be wrong with it and what should i do?
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  1. anything?
  2. well, you could just have a faulty drive. That's the only thing I can think of at the moment.

    how long have you had the drive? and where did you buy it? at newegg??
  3. yea i bought it from newegg back in april, i used it up till july when i last backed up all my files on the my hard drive, then i didnt use it till just last week, and it didnt work
  4. Did you drop it?
    Have you tried it on another computer to make sure it's the drive?

    I don't know what the warranty is on it, but it is worth checking out OCZ's site and newegg's return policy to see if you may be able to return it.

    Otherwise, I don't know if there is anything you can do other than selling it at a garage sale :?

    Flash drives are usually pretty sturdy to survive dropping the drive. Lexar's titanium drive is titanium and can withstand 1000 lbs of pressure but yours would probably get squashed under that pressure. (just thinking)
  5. nope i never dropped it, i have tried multiple computers, tried ocz's tech support, i emailed them several times last week, tried calling them, no answer. the only thing i can think of is going back to newegg and rma'ing it. i'm trying to find out first if anyone else has had the same problem or if there is a solution. the flash drive is supposed to have a lifetime warrenty
  6. i dont know how to say this but , just today i tried using my flash drive and it now works perfectly fine. i just dont understand
  7. Sorry for the wait on my reply,

    I don't understand either.
    Well, as long as it keeps working. I would probably rma it if I could (after I removed all my data) and get a new one so this one doesn't crap out on you again at an important time.

    As far as contacting OCZ, sometimes companies out of the country don't have very good support. But it was worth a try.
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