Memory Compatability with GA-965P-DS3

I'm going to be getting the Gigabyte GA-965P-DS3 mobo soon for a conroe build.
But, all I have read about the board that is bad is Memory compatability problems.
There is a sheet on the Gigabyte website that says what modules that they have tested and work but, there arent very many good brands on it and theres only a few ok DDR2 800 modules but there kinda out of my range.
Can anyone who has experience with this board or know of someone who has please tell me what RAM you or they have that worked on it?
Preferably Corsair Kingston OCZ or Patriot.
My budget on ram is about 155 for a 1gig 512x2 stick in DualChannel.
If I have to spend 200 I will but, I'm really not looking forward to it as it will make me wait longer to get my system up and running.

PS I'm going to post this in the Memory section as well just incase so more people see it....hope its ok.
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  1. corsairs usually work fine as they can boot up with lower then spec voltages.

    Look for spec on ram to have 1.8V or 1.9V, they should be ok to boot. Also depends on the bios of the mobo taht you are getting from the store. If memory serves me right, any bios after F4 will have this bootup problem fixed as it will default to 2.0V at boot up but not sure if there is a way to tell on the box what bios it came out of production with.
  2. Thanks for the reply.
    As far as I can see there is no way to tell on a box what revision the bios is....but I could be wrong....its just I'm worried about my comp not posting.
    And yes as you said I was going to get some 1.8 or 1.9v sticks.
    Only problem is there are no sticks in that range that are 1gb 512x2 that arent value ram.
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