image hard drive probs..

I had a hard drive "die" almost 3 years ago. i gave it to a friend, and he found that the circuit board was bad. replaced circuit board. hooked up hd and looked inside. xp can see the drive, can see how much info is on it, but wont show any files. with a program, drive shows a few bad sectors. we made an image of the "old" drive in dos. well the bad thing is my buddy is now sent to japan (military) and i have a good drive with a dos image of my old drive. i can open the drive and see files, but nothing will access the files.

here is a screen shot of the files that is on my old drive.
how can i get these (dos?) files back so my xp can see them?

-so you know my old drive worked fine, i shut down my pc for the nite, and the next morning upon reboot, i got the dreaded drive not found screen. the drive has been sittin in the closet since

i know this is way off SiteGrinder topics, but the support here from the "staff" is great, and i know it nice once and while to get something off topic like this.. or at least thats how i feel.

any ideas?

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