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I have a bunch of .mod files. When I import them into iMovie, the video remains but the audio goes. The files get converted to .mov. I cannot play the files with video AND audio in anything except VLC. Since I am editing, is there any way I can get the audio to also play in iMovie? The codec is mp2p. Also, would anyone know any FREE video editors which I could use to edit the videos but would play the audio as well? Thanks for your help.
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    Yep the editor is called,Virtualdub for a free bee program to use to edit and convert video and audio files, and has the option to convert the video file and the audio output and codec used in conversion. The only other choice of recommended programs would be Adobe Premiere, but it will cost as a last resort but will do the job.

    Good luck it will take some work to get it working but its free.
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