Question about the Linksys NSLU2 - new member :D

Hello everyone! Nice to join this forum. It's got some great information!

I have a 120GB Maxtor One Touch external USB 2.0 drive.
I wanted to interface it to my wireless network/WRT54G so i can access it from any of my networked computers.

I found a Linksys product .. the NSLU2.

I've read that, when installing the NSLU2, it will format the drive in it's own partition format. Which makes it unusable if your want to simply plug it into your computer again...which i will be wanting to do...

My question is, once I set this thing up with an IP, can i just plug my USB 2.0 drive into it...and have it start sharing the files on it?

Apparently it allows USB flash drives etc to be used also... all id like to do it connect any USB external storage device to it, and have it start sharing the files on a "network folder/directory".

Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.
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  1. :D Stranger,

    You need to update the firmare to version 63. Go the the NSLU2 web page and follow the directions. This version supports FAT and EXT3, so you don't have to reformat the drive in order to move it from the NSLU2 to any PC.

    You may get an error message telling you that there's not enough room to complete the update, but there's a manual way to do it. Let me know if you need more help.
  2. Thanks Dondd, it worked perfectly.

    Regards :D
  3. JetspeedCamry, Glad it worked out for you. I went through the same issue, and still have some others. For example, unless you attach a hard disk drive to port 1, you cannot password protect entry into the NSLU2. I'm not ever sure if you can at that point. I have a flash drive attached, and if you know my public IP, you can get right into the administrative page of the link, and the files stored. So, I'm struggling to protect my network.

    I saw a Seagate Technology "Pocket Drive" (6GB) at Sams Club for $100, but it needs 500ma current to run the microdrive, and I can't find out if (a) this pocket drive is acceptable to the NSLU2 as a HDD and
    (b) if the NSLU2 can provide 500ma on the USB port. If you or anyone out there knows, please tell me.

    Thanks, and good luck!

    Dondd :P
  4. Unfortunatlly Dondd, I'm not sure. Im pretty new to this yeah, if anyone does know, let us know! Great little unit these, and ive heard there capable of alot more, not just as a NSL.
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